SWTP Practice Exams "Gave Me Confidence!"

fireworks gif A quick note via twitter:

Today I passed my clinical exam on the first try just like my lsw exam! Thanks to using @socialworkprep once again it really helped my testing anxiety. Gave me confidence!

Congratulations, Kim!

That's another benefit of taking practice exams--it's simple exposure therapy to help reduce test-taking anxiety. You may enter exam prep thinking you couldn't possibly stay focused enough or have enough know-how to successfully navigate a 170-question social work exam. There's an easy fix: take a few practice tests. The experience itself can be a huge help, giving you, in CBT language, a simple dispute to that automatic self-talk. "It may not be what I want to do for entertainment, but I got through the practice tests and I can get through the ASWB exam."

Just think of the additional confidence you can gain by reviewing answers and rationales. And the additional boost you'll get from reading up on tricky topics via our suggested study links.

You can pass this exam, just like Kim did. It just takes a little getting ready.

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“I couldn't be more pleased.”

brandi passed the social work examBrandi's email subject line: "I passed!"

I passed my clinical exam today, and my primary study source was this program. The program is user-friendly, educational, and mimicked the actual exam to a great extent. Thank you so much!!! I couldn't be more pleased.

Congratulations, Brandi! Great news!

Getting you ready for the ASWB exam is what we aim to do and it's always great to hear that we've hit the mark.

SWTP exams, all updated for 2018, each include thorough rationales for each answer of each question, plus suggested study links for a deeper dive into any vexing topic areas.

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“SWTP Worth Every Penny!”

sara passed the lcsw examFrom the SWTP inbox:

Dear SWTP,

I sat for the LCSW exam and passed the first time. Despite being a stressful difficult experience I managed this with a comfortable pass margin.  However I prepared myself well.

I purchased the complete SWTP bundle including ethics and DSM 5 boosters and went over the questions repeatedly as part of my preparation for the ASWB clinical exam.  I found that taking the prep exams helped by getting me used to answering questions.  On the day of the actual exam I was more comfortable reading, interpreting, and answering questions than I was the day I took my first practice exam.  I also had gained a better understanding from reviewing my test prep exams  to pay attention to what questions were really asking and where and how my thinking was being led astray!

I would certainly recommend SWTP as part of a well organized self study curriculum for LCSW candidates--a side benefit, I also learned a lot of new information from their material.

Thank you SWTP, the money spent was worth every penny!

Sarah B., LCSW

Fredericksburg, Virginia

Congratulations, Sarah! Very glad that SWTP helped!

Ready to get serious about exam prep? Start here to choose your practice tests.

Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

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“I took three of your tests and am happy I did.”

anderson passed the aswb exam"I took the exam this time last year and yes, I passed, first attempt! I took three of your tests and am happy I did. Thanks for making a helpful product and investing in the future social workers in the country!"

Congratulations, Anderson!

Supervision and NASW offerings also helped Anderson turbo-charge his test prep. It's a good way to go: Use every resource at your disposal (especially the free ones). Podcasts, study groups, Wikipedia, and the like. Along with real-time, realistic SWTP practice tests and boosters, you're set. You can get this goal accomplished. We're rooting for you!

Start here with selecting your practice tests.

Happy studying and good luck with the exam!

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Result: PASS

result pass"I passed! My clinical exam with a score of 102 based on a passing score of 97. SWTP was very helpful."

Congratulations, Michelle!

Ready to get started? We're ready to help. All SWTP exams have been updated for 2018, reflecting changes to the NASW Code of Ethics and the ASWB Content Outline. Nothing helps prepare like realistic, real-time practice. Choose from five complete, 170-question practice tests and DSM and Ethics-specific booster packs.

Begin here by building your personalized exam bundle.

Happy studying and good luck with the exam!

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