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TM and the Test?

BuddahTranscendental Meditation May Improve Academic Performance(PsychCentral):

Among the students with the lowest levels of academic performance, "below basic" and "far below basic," the meditating students showed a significant improvement in overall academic achievement compared to students in the control group, which showed only a slight gain.
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Overcoming Exam Anxiety

Anxious DogAnxious about the exam? So's just about everyone else. Here's a collection of anxiety worksheets that may help. You'll be brushing up on CBT with most of them while you're at it. Enjoy.

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Exam Prep Mentor

SWTPWrite SWTP to begin work toward passing the social work exam.  Get help with managing test anxiety, time management, and various test preparation strategies.  More details on the Tutoring Services page.

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Social Work Exam Study Group

Study Groups For The Social Work ExamLooking to form a study group?  Post in comments below:  Where are you?  What are you looking for? Be sure to put a best way to contact you in your comment Good luck all.

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