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social work exam as stunt Future Licensed Master Social Workers, the web is here to help! Passing the LMSW exam doesn't have to feel like some impossible stunt. Your exam prep doesn't have to wear you out or empty your wallet. First, of course, sign up for SWTP's practice exams. Each question has its own suggested study link to help you deepen your knowledge and ready you for the exam. Elsewhere on the web is advice and guidance by the digital bucketful. Here are just a couple of sites to check out--ten tips, flash cards by the hundreds.

Good luck with your test prep and congratulations in advance on your LMSW!

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Mental Disorders from A to Z

readerThe Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders offers quick definitions of psych concepts from the Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale (not on the exam) to Zolpidem (a med also not likely to show on the exam). In between those two, lots of material that is on the exam, free for you to peruse and digest. Happy browsing!

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Beck Basics Book

Want to learn CBT, read Judith Beck's Cognitive Therapy: Basics and Beyond. Want to know enough about CBT for the test--here's a Judith Beck summary at Psych Central.


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Keep Up

They say keeping up with what's going on in the wider world of psych is a help when it comes to licensing exam day. May also be useful in actually doing social work, doing therapy.

For non-journal-reading types (i.e., most people), a couple of shortcuts to newish info: Psychotherapy Networker Magazine--which seems to be improving in recent issues--and the Harvard Mental Health Letter--nicely short, readable, and authoritative-seeming. (Free trial issue offer here.) Worth a look.

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Sue and Sue

Sue & Sue's Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice is cited again and again in the culture sections of the AATBS material. Maybe you want to read the whole thing. Probably not.  But here it is...

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