Social Work Exam: The Keyboard

KeyboardRe: the keyboard pictured in the previous post.  It's nice, it's got pretty colors, it seems helpful. Here's what they say:  Don't use it. Don't waste time figuring it out.  Go with what you know.  Go with what you practiced with.  Use the mouse.
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Finally went on to see how the sign-up process works here (I'm about a month from taking the exam, give or take).  The scoop:  You can book an exam up to a day in advance (though it's first come first serve).  Cancellations have to happen 2 days in advance.  Tests are available every couple of days or so in two time frames: 9am - 1pm and 1:30pm - 5:30pm.  

Now, here's my question for you:  Of the L.A.-area sites offered, which has anybody tried and found to be user-friendly?  (That is, sites not next to active construction or other distractions; nice-enough staff, etc.)  What have you experienced and/or heard?  Here's the winnowed-down CA list:

  •   ANAHEIM - 2301 W. Lincoln Ave., Suite 252 
  •   CARSON - 17420 S. Avalon Blvd., Suite 205 
  •   EL MONTE - 9420 Telstar, Suite 138 
  •   RIVERSIDE - 1660 Chicago Ave, Suite M-15, Riverside Technology Business Park  
Thanks in advance for your wisdom.

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There's a good post-test summary from a fellow exam-prep blogger here.  Passed and passing the wisdom along.

One tip for the 21st century:  Seems they take your picture when you arrive at the testing center (at least in CA they do).  That picture stares at you from your computer screen for the duration of the test.  And you're not allowed to cover it up.  (They're trying to make sure people aren't having others take the test for them.)  

So, when it's picture-taking time, smile.  Smile encouragingly, smile confidently, smile serenely.  Whatever you can stand to look at.  Whatever's going to help you out.  Then, you pass too.

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