ASWB Exam Practice Question Video Walk-Through: Trauma Symptoms

Here's a video walk-through for a question that appeared on the SWTP blog a while back. How well do you know the Trauma- and Stressor-Related Disorders chapter of the DSM? Test you knowledge.

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Caitlin Passed the LCSW Exam: “I needed 103 right and I got 123!”

Caitlin ASWB Clinical Exam PassWe just got this email from Caitlin, new LCSW:

I passed my LCSW on the first try after studying with your DSM booster, ethics booster, and practice exams! I needed 103 right and I got 123!

So many of the practice exam questions had similar themes mirrored on the actual exam. It was so easy to pick the right answer when taking the actual exam to the point where I could even imagine/see the rationale for the right answer in the same way you provide the rationale on the practice exams!

Thanks again for such a great resource!

Congratulations, Caitlin!

Prepare for the ASWB exam with SWTP full-length exams and boosters and maybe you'll get that "so easy to pick the right answer" feeling too!

“I am now a New Mexico LCSW, thanks to this site.”

Lori Passed the ASWB Clinical Exam"I am now a New Mexico LCSW, thanks to this site. The questions were great practice. I especially liked the study mode on the practice tests because I could read up on those items which needed a bit more review time. Thanks so much!"

Congratulations, Lori!

More licensed social workers are needed nationwide. Maybe it's time to get serious about getting licensed. Prepare for the ASWB exam with SWTP's practice tests-we've got five, complete full-length ones-plus boosters tests (all DSM, all ethics). Realistic practice is the best way to get ready for the exam. Once you've passed, take a quick selfie and share the good news!

Congratulations in advance.

Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

Linda Passed Yesterday: SWTP Practice "Just Like The Test"

linda passed the social work licensing exam "I did it!!!! I passed! The questions from Social Work Test Prep are just like the test! Someone recommended SWTP to me and I'm recommending this website to everyone!"

Congratulations and thanks, Linda!

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And remember that when you post about using SWTP to prepare for the ASWB exam on social media and send us a screenshot, you get our Ethics Booster as a free thankyou.

Thanks in advance. Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

ASWB Exam Practice - Respect Toward Colleagues

A client at an inpatient facility asks to be transferred from a young social worker to a veteran social worker. What should the veteran social worker do? What does the NASW Code of Ethics say?

Walk-through the choices and learn how to get to the correct answer with a combination of social work wisdom, common sense, and a process of elimination in this video.

Get practice, get licensed!

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