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listening to the social work podcast maybe We used to blognounce every time a new episode of the Social Work Podcast came out. Now, instead of all those posts, you get a once-in-a-while reminder about all the exam-prep-friendly free content that the podcast has in its archives. That's what this is. Reminder: The SWP archives hold hours and hours of material on topics that are at the center of the ASWB exam outlines. Social work essentials that you need to know.

It's an easy, pleasant way to get the material learned and locked in. Some licensing-exam friendly topics are listed below. And here's a complete list of the podcast's past episodes, divided by topic. Tune in, use the knowledge gained on a few practice tests, then go in and pass the exam. Good luck!

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ASWB Exam Practice - PTSD Symptoms

How well do you know the criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder? This video journey through a DSM practice question will test and strengthen your PTSD symptom knowledge.

How best to narrow down to the best answer? Sometimes, with DSM questions especially, you just have to know the material. How to learn the material? Practice tests.

Complete exams, about DSM and a myriad of other topics covered on the ASWB exam, are available on the site. Sign up, get practice, get licensed. Good luck on the exam!

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ASWB Exam Practice Question – A Client Suddenly Becomes Enraged…

angryHere's a free practice question for the social work licensing exam. See how you do:

During a meeting with a social worker, a client suddenly becomes enraged. She stands up, slams her fist on the desk, and throws a book across the room, breaking a picture frame. How should the clinician FIRST respond?

A. Shout for help.

B. Order the client out of the office.

C. Speak in a calm, soothing manner.

D. Tell the client to sit back down in order to discuss whatever is upsetting her.

What do you think?

Not sure? Sometimes the best way to approach questions like these isn't to think back to textbook teachings. It's to imagine yourself in the situation. A client starts acting out, throwing things, breaking things. What would you do?

Shout for help? Shouting for help is a valid option if the clinician is or is about to be physically attacked. But in this situation, it risks escalating the angry behavior.

Order the client out of the office? If a clinician orders a client to do something, the client may interpret this as an attempt to gain general control over her behavior, and may (most likely) become angrier.

Discuss issues? The client is probably past the point of being able to talk rationally about the source of her upset. Talking about it now will probably only lead to more rage.

Which leaves just one answer, however vague it may be: speak in a calm, soothing manner. This is the correct answer. Most people cannot maintain intense anger in the face of a calm, soothing response.

Is that what you'd do? Is that how you answered? Either way, you're now that much closer to being prepared for the ASWB exam. To get much more prepared, sign up for SWTP's complete, 170-question practice tests.

Our tests have rationales, like the ones above, for each answer of each question. Plus a suggested study link for more details about the question topic. Like this one about handling patient (aka client) anger.

Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

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ASWB Exam Essentials from the SWTP Study Guide

Some exam essentials and study tips from the SWTP Study Guide (which you get in its entirety when you create a Social Work Test Prep account).

Some questions answered:

--How long is the AWSB exam?

--How many questions on the ASWB exam?

--How many questions count toward your score on the ASWB exam?

--What material to I need to know to pass the ASWB exam?

--What are the best ways to approach questions on the ASWB exam?

--What's the most effective way to study for the ASWB exam?

That one we'll answer here: practice, practice, practice!


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Pass the Massachusetts LICSW (Karen Did!)

i passed the test right away - karen c., ma licsw"The Association of Social Work Boards, on behalf of the Massachusetts Board, congratulates you." That's the email Karen got to confirm that she passed the MA LICSW exam. Then she wrote this to us:

I want to thank you. I wanted to study for my LICSW, but once you buy the test from ASWB you have a limited time to study even though I had to wait 3 months to take the test; I wanted a more flexible study plan so someone recommended your site/tests.

I purchased the DSM booster and the Ethics booster first and boy, was I glad I did! It was the perfect way to see what I needed to study. There were questions that helped me realize where my strengths and needs were so that I could study and prepare. The links following each question were wonderful. I went back to the tests many times to refresh my memory. I also purchased the ASWB test later (so nervous about which material to study) and found it was identical to the ones you offer; this is good for anyone ambivalent when choosing the best options.

The flexibility with your site/purchasing options and access to the tests was probably the most helpful of any practice tests/studying I did. Will was awesome and answered my emails right away; I had some issues with signing into my account etc and he fixed the issues---even on the weekend or at night!!

I passed the test right away.

* * *

Congratulations, Karen! Thanks for the testimonial!

Ready to follow Karen into social work licensure? Get started by signing up for an account and getting our free study guide.

Good luck on the exam!