"I passed my ASWB clinical exam this past Saturday!"

"I passed my ASWB clinical exam this past Saturday. I truly appreciate your support!"

natasha passed the social work exam Congratulations, Natasha!

This is one of those come close (two points!), maintain resolve, come back and pass stories. It's not an uncommon tale. It sometimes takes more than one try to get to that successful result. This isn't a pop quiz in middle school English. Just reading the material doesn't guarantee a pass. You also have to learn what the exam wants--how to answer questions with a just-right balance of real-world know-how and textbook, perfect-social-worker-ness.

How do you learn that? Practice, practice, practice That's why what we offer here is...practice, practice, practice, with all study materials embedded into the practice exams themselves. Instead of reading dry text then seeing how you do on a practice test, SWTP invites you to immerse yourself in practice tests and learn while you're at it. You learn from our thorough rationales and learn still more from the suggested study links that accompany every answer of every question. You learn from the process of taking practice tests.

Extra bonus to this approach: you save time and save money. It worked for Natasha!

Congratulations again to Natasha and all recently licensed social workers.

If you haven't passed the social work exam yet, we're rooting for you. Good luck!

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"SWTP helped me tremendously!"

della passed the social work exam"I have taken the ASWB Masters level licensing exam and after 3 times I finally passed! Thanks Social Work Test Prep! This is my first time using SWTP and I really think your program helped me tremendously in passing the exam!!! I am so grateful!!!"

Congratulations, Della!

That's great news. So glad that SWTP could play a part in your getting licensed!

Reader, have you struggled with the exam? You're not alone. Pass rates are usually in the 70-ish percent range. That means a lot of people are preparing for and taking the exam and walking away disappointed. It can be a discouraging, time-consuming, and costly slog. But none of it reflects upon your abilities as a social work. It just limits your opportunities as a social worker.

Don't give up! Della passed the LMSW on her third try using SWTP. If you've taken the exam and have yet to see that magical "PASS" come back, it doesn't mean it won't happen. Keep at it. We're here to help.

Choose your exams here to get started.

Good luck and happy studying!

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"Your test prep significantly helped me pass the exam!"

alan passed the social work exam"I passed the LMSW exam on my first go around. Your test prep significantly helped me pass the exam!"

Congratulations, Alan!

The email goes on to say that Alan found SWTP practice tests harder than the actual test--a sure sign of being well-prepped. That judgment--which is more challenging, the practice or the real--is apparently completely subjective. Some people think the practice tests are a little bit easier than the ASWB exam. Some people think it's the other way around. Most people land in between--in the "just right" range. Not too hard, not too easy. Just an accurate and helpful way to prepare to pass the social work licensing exam.

What follows passing the exam? We don't hear back from people about that as much. But you can guess. Relief, maybe a promotion, and a general sense of forward motion in one's social work career. All worth working toward!

If you haven't gotten started preparing for the social work exam, now's the time.

Begin by selecting your exams here.

Happy studying and good luck with the exam!

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"I passed!"

robyn passed the social work exam"I took the licensure exam and passed! Thanks SWTP for your help!!"

Congratulations, Robyn!

It's tough out there. Your town, city, state, nation, globe needs more licensed social workers! Once you've gotten within range, it doesn't have to be difficult to pass the social work licensing exam and get that license. We provide realistic, full-length practice tests to smooth the ride. Each question of each exam includes thorough rationales along with links for further (free!) suggested study, if you want to know more about any  given topic. If you'd like additional exposure to questions about diagnosing (DSM questions) or about social work ethics (a big part of the exam), we've got special booster exams that will do just that.

People write asking which exams will be best for them. The response is the same: time and budget allowing, the more the better. The more practice questions you encounter as you prep, the more likely you'll be at ease facing questions when you sit down for those four hours to get to the end of this process: your social work license.

Happy studying and good luck!

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"Nothing against the other study materials I had, but..."

nikkie passed the social work examI took the exam two weeks after purchasing the practice exam bundle.  I passed on the first attempt.  Nothing against the other study materials I had, but after months of reviewing them, I feel your materials are what set me at ease and prepared me for sitting for the exam and passing it. Thank you!

Congratulations, Nikkie!

We love getting these emails. Reader, hoping you'll not just use SWTP to pass the exam, but let us know once you do!

Nothing prepares like realistic practice. SWTP practice tests are thick with the very types of vignettes you're likely to encounter on the social work licensing exam. And with each question, we provide a thorough rationale and suggested study link, helping you get the hang of the exam--how it works and how to pass it. We want you to head into exam day with clarity: How to eliminate distractors and narrow down your choices. How to think like an exam writer--or like the licensing board--and get to the correct answer. How to pace yourself, avoid perfectionism, and get through the four-hour, 170-question test with your hope and optimism in tact.

It can be done. Social workers are getting licensed every day. You're next.

Choose your exams to get started.

Good luck! Looking forward to hearing your good news!

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