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swtp exam books Starting today, all five, complete, updated and revised, 170-question SWTP practice tests are available as printed books. They'll make a nice rainbow on your bookshelf. 

Prices have been reduced, but do note: they're still slightly higher than our online tests. Online tests have extra bells and whistles, which also recommend them, including suggested study links for each question providing easy access to additional diving into tricky topics. Again, that's online only.

For those who like to have a book (or books) in hand to study, we're ready for you. Get started by ordering one or more exam books here.

Happy thumbing through, happy studying, and good luck on the exam!

"Passed on the first try."

janet passed the aswb exam A quick note from Janet:

Passed the first try.  Thanks.

A "thanks" emoji followed. Two hands that are either praying or namaste-ing--depends who's being thanked.

We get these emails every day. It's great to hear about social workers getting licensed with SWTP! (Have news? Let us know!)

Maybe you're next.

Ask just about anyone who has passed the ASWB exam and they'll tell you: Practice tests are a good idea. They give you a feeling for the type of questions you'll face, for how to get to the right answer, and, maybe most importantly, help you get a sense of what it's like to sit down for a four-hour, 170-question vignette-filled exam. (Hint: it's not a day at the spa.)

As we've said before, the exam is like a marathon. It's a good idea to prep for it--to develop your stamina and strength. That way, on exam day, you're more likely to go in calm and confident. Practice gets you familiar with the exam-taking process and ready to PASS.

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“This is an amazing product/company. Please use this to help prep u for success.”

zacharyFrom a note from Facebook from Zachary:

The customer service I received during my preparation blew my mind. I emailed the company and they were not only quick with the reply, but also helped me work through the frustrations I had with the exam. With that said, this is an amazing product/company. Please use this to help prep u for success.

Thanks, Zachary!

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Patty Passed! "I wish that I had ordered the prep tests before I took the test for the first time!"

patty passed the social work exam I wish that I had ordered the prep tests before I took the test for the first time!
The tests truly prepare you for the questions on the test!
I passed!
Thank you!


Congratulations, Patty!

Always great to hear.

We hope to be hearing something like this from you soon (the passed part, not the "wish I'd ordered before" part). There's an old joke, "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?" Punchline: "Practice, practice, practice!" It's not much of a joke. But it comes to mind when people ask how to get licensed? How do you pass the social work licensing exam? Practice.

We've got five complete 170-question practice tests waiting to help you build your ASWB exam-taking muscles. Add the DSM and Ethics Boosters to your test prep workout and you'll not only be looking good (exam-wise), you'll be feeling good (confidence-wise).

Ready to get started?

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Vernon Passed! "Using your testing materials and raised my score significantly."

vernon passed the aswb exam Great email and photo from Vernon, a newly licensed LCSW:

Your program helped give me the insight needed to pass the AWSB exam. Using your testing materials and raised my score significantly. Thanks!

Congratulations, Vernon!

Some people can waltz in a pass the social work licensing exam with very little prep. But you never know if you are one of those people. It's probably better not to take that gamble. Before you go in to take the exam, prepare a little. Or a lot. Or some just-right amount. In any one of those approaches, you're going to want to sit down and take real-time, realistic practice tests. It just so happens that that's exactly what SWTP offers. We've got five, complete, 170-question practice tests, plus two booster tests, one devoted just to diagnostic questions (the DSM Booster) and one exclusively covering questions based in the NASW Code of Ethics (the Ethics Booster). Choose one, choose some, or choose all.

Here's where you get started.

Happy studying and congratulations in advance!