Free Social Work Practice Question: Vaccine Line-Skipping for Sale

vaccineHere's a free social work exam practice question ripped from recent headlines. Most of the ASWB exam will be involve more timeless social work topics. But exam writers are people too. Don't be surprised to see current events folded into exam questions. One way to add some additional prep to your day: when you encounter a provocative news item, consider how it might be transformed a social work licensing exam item. Like this:

A social worker has a regular client who has been underemployed and struggling during the pandemic. He says he has now found a way to get and sell special sign-up codes that allow people to skip the line and get early access to the COVID-19 vaccine. How should the social worker respond?

A. Contact the local health department regarding the breach in vaccine protocol.

B. Explore the client's feelings about his new enterprise.

C. Contact the CDC regarding the breach in vaccine protocol

D. Explore the client's feelings about his role in the breach in vaccine protocol.

How would you answer?

First, notice there are two types of answers, "Contact" and "Explore." So initially, you can approach this as an ethics question. Does the client's behavior warrant a breach of confidentiality. (And look, there's that word in the question itself.) What do you think? Should the social worker contact someone about the client's enterprise? The code-selling isn't victimless, to be sure. But it does not meet the criteria for breaching confidentiality. Take a look back a the confidentiality section of the Code of Ethics if that doesn't seem right to you.

That leaves two "Explore" responses. Which one of those is the better choice? Explore the client's feelings…about his new enterprise (vague, non-judgmental) or …about his role in the breach of vaccine protocol (more specific, more judgmental).

Here's the thing: while you have intense judgment about a client's behavior, it generally does little good for the therapeutic relationship to voice that judgment. The ethics of selling line-skipping privileges certainly warrants discussion here, but the vague first "Explore" answer doesn't rule that out. Instead, it allows the client room to voice his own misgivings (or not).

Of the four offered responses, that's the best one: B, explore (gently).

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Marguerite is a now a New York LCSW!

marguierite passed the ny clinical social work examMarguerite is now an Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New York. From the SWTP inbox:

I thought the tests were excellent and want you to know that I passed the exam by 20 points!  I was thrilled. SWTP was a huge confidence builder in preparing for the clinical exam.  I also appreciated SWTP for extending my study period. Thanks so much for the service you provide!

Congratulations, Marguerite! Aced it! Needed 103, got 123. Amazing.

And congratulations to all newly licensed social workers (whether you sent in a picture or not)! Way to go!

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Hannah Passed the Clinical

hannah passed the clinical social work exam I just wanted to let you know how much SWTP and tutor Ray Batista helped me. I researched so many prep sites and even tried another tutor. After one session I felt forgotten and alone again and was feeling discouraged about being able to find the right help. I decided at one last attempt to reach out for help and found Ray and SWTP. 

The SWTP materials are the closest to the format and topics for the ASWB exam.  I loved the fact that for every question I missed, there was an explanation along with a resource to learn more about the topic. By the time I sat for the test last week, I was prepared and used to the question format.  I'd  learned how to approach the questions to get to the right answer. I only needed a 103 and received a 112!

Graduate school does not prepare you for the clinical license exam. SWTP helped me to narrow down my study materials so it was not as overwhelming. I've been recommending SWTP and Ray to everyone!

--Hannah, new LCSW

Julia Passed!: SWTP “a realistic representation of the actual test.”

passed the lcsw examFrom the SWTP inbox from Julia, new LCSW:

Just wanted to let you know I took the ASWB Clinical Social Work licensure exam in early December, after using SWTP for about 2 months or so, and I passed with flying colors! Using SWTP practice tests was one of the main ways I studied. I took 2 full-length practices, as well as the DSM booster and Ethics booster. The practice questions felt like a realistic representation of the actual test, and I definitely appreciated having the ability to mark questions, review, have explanations, and even have links to where I could look up further information on a topic. I'd definitely recommend SWTP for others. 

Congratulations, Julia! Congratulations to all recently licensed social workers. 

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