ASWB Exam Practice: Psychosis, Mood, and the DSM

What's the difference between schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, and schizophreniform disorder? When do you diagnose MDD with psychotic features? Here's a walk-through of a practice question from the blog that should help clear some of that up. Test your DSM knowledge and get ready to pass the ASWB exam. Enjoy.

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Clinical Exam Prep

Here's another set of five ASWB exam questions on video set to music. How well can you stay focused and answer the questions as they roll by in the time allotted? Like the exam itself, there can be a lot of text containing a lot of information in a single exam outline.

For many who struggle with passing the exam, reading speed and/or comprehension are the real obstacles-not social work savvy. You can know the DSM, Code of Ethics, and every last one of your MSW textbooks inside-out. If you aren't able to read through a paragraph-long vignette, plus four sometimes-overlong answers, and decide on a correct answer in about a minute-and-a-half, the exam can make trouble for you. That's where lots and lots of practice comes in.

The timer on the video is set faster than that. On the social work exam, you'll face 170 questions over four hours (240 minutes). If you do the math (240/170), you get 1.41 minutes per question.

See how you do with the sped-up timer. (You can always hit pause if it's too quick.) If you can get these questions answered in the time given in the video, you're in good shape.

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Pass Sheet Selfie: Andrea, new LSW

Andrea Passed the Bachelors Exam "I am excited to announce the passing of my exam!"

Congratulations, Andrea!

Andrea's now an LSW in Mississippi. Passing the ASWB exam can open all kinds of doors. New positions, new jobs, new salary. Get started on getting licensed by signing up for full-length exams here on SWTP. Good luck Andrea on post-licensure social working. And, for everyone prepping for the big test, good luck. Congratulations in advance!

ASWB Exam Prep Video: Client Records and Confidentiality

Is it okay to talk to a client's previous therapist? What if the client doesn't want you to? Here's a walk-through of a question from the blog addressing that very scenario.

What this takes: remembering the confidentiality section of the NASW Code of Ethics. Unsure? Don't worry, the video has you covered. Question, Code of Ethics portion, answer, and explanation are all included.

Remember, the real exam doesn't tell you the answer--you have to give it. Get practice answering lots of questions in one sit with SWTP's full-length practice exams. 170 questions each, just like the real thing. Sign up to get started. 

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ASWB Exam Question Walk-Through: Colleague Burnout

What to do when a colleague says she hates her clients? This practice question, pulled from an earlier post, gets you to the answer. (Spoiler: knowing the NASW Code of Ethics is a big help!) Here's the Facebook no-longer-live video.

The sound is muddy. (Seems it came through the camera, not the headphones.) Living and learning. Enjoy!
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