Quick Quiz: Name That Personality Disorder

Name this personality disorder:

The main feature of [THIS PD] is a pervasive pattern of instability in interpersonal relationships, self-image and emotions. People with [THIS PD] are also usually very impulsive.

Text from PsychCentral. For questions more like those on the real social work exam, sign up.

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Social Work Exam Questions

puzzled about the social work exam Looking for social work exam practice questions? We've got them. Try our free practice test to sample the SWTP program. Or skip that step, sign up, and purchase full, real-time exams from your account page. 

Puzzled about how to pass the social work exam? Take a look at our study tips page. There you'll find guidance about how to approach studying, manage test anxiety, and get the most out of your licensing prep time. 

Questions about SWTP? The "Get Started" page details what you get when you purchase an SWTP exam--subscription time, ways to study, etc.

Still left with questions? Write--we'll do our best to get your question answered.

Good luck on the exam!

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SWTP Bonus Exam: More Free Social Work Exam Practice

free practiceGet access to a free bonus exam by spreading the word about Social Work Test Prep!

Here's how:

When you post about SWTP on social media, you'll get a free copy of SWTP's Ethics Booster as a thank you.  That's a bunch of new questions, rationales, and suggested study links, free. The Ethics Booster will push you to show the depth of your NASW Code of Ethics knowledge.

The steps to getting your free exam:

  1. If you haven't already, create an account at SWTP.
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  4. You get a bonus exam! The exam will appear on your exam-page test list.

Thanks in advance for spreading the word about Social Work Test Prep and good luck on the exam!

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Encyclopedia of Social Work Online


The NASW and Oxford University Press have launched a new, online Encyclopedia of Social Work. It's not clear what access will cost, but the whole site is free through August, 2013. Great for free social work exam prepping for now. Probably great for social work exam prepping even after they start charging. 

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Ethical Decision-Making in Social Work

ethical-decision-making-in-social-workLooking for more guidance about social work ethics? Here's a textbook, Ethical Decision-Making in Social Work, by Wade Robison and Linda Cherrey Reeser, posted in its entirety by the Rochester Institute of Technology.  No charge.  Includes vignettes, rationales. Sort of like finding a collection of free exam questions.  Thanks, Rochester!

For ethics-rich social work licensing exam practice questions that recreate the feel of the real ASWB & BBS exams, sign up.

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