“I am taking my exam soon. I want to pass.”

Have you joined the SWTP Facebook Study Group yet? Here's a selection from some new members' "Why do you want to join?" answers.

I am going to take my LCSW test in October and would love to pass on my first attempt.

I'm back in the job market and need my license to practice for most jobs now. This group may help me prepare for the test!

I failed my first attempt and need help studying

I am currently studying and planning to take the exam in a few months.

I am ready to start studying again so I am hopefully able to pass my LMSW the second time around.

Taking the LCSW exam in the next few months

I need some extra assistance passing my the exam! Have failed unfortunately twice! Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

Studying for the LSW exam. I have failed 3 times. I am looking for support in passing.

I need to pass the LCSW exam

Unable to pass the test to get license. I feel better knowing I'm not the only one with this issue. Working on questions and helping each other out on tough questions.

To learn tips to pass the licensure examination.

I am taking my exam soon. I want to pass.

You're invited. Good luck, everyone!


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Free Practice Question: Kid Trouble and the Social Work Exam

angry kid Here's something to help you get prepared to pass the social work licensing exam. It's part of our ongoing, intermittent, free question series. Put yourself in this social worker's shoes and figure out what you would do?

A woman tells a social worker that her son has been misbehaving wildly ever since starting kindergarten, over a month ago. He's angry and irritable, throwing frequent tantrums. He's defiant and argumentative over small things. And he's been exhibiting a troubling vindictive streak, cruelly evening the score with his younger sister, escalating petty squabbles into full-blown battles. "He's turned into a little monster," the woman says. What diagnosis is the BEST fit for the son, given the limited information the mother has provided?

A. No diagnosis is indicated

B. Oppositional Defiant Disorder

C. Intermittent Explosive Disorder

D. Conduct Disorder

What do you think?

Let's look at DSM criteria for the offered diagnoses and narrow our way down to an answer.

Conduct disorder is characterized by theft, destruction of property, and other serious rules violations. Not what's being described here.

Intermittent explosive disorder involves tantrums and a failure to control aggressive impulses over a year-long period. Closer, but not the best fit.

Oppositional defiant disorder looks good for this. It involves everything mentioned--anger and irritability, defiance, and vindictiveness. That's your best bet...but read the find print. To diagnose ODD, behaviors have to be present for six months. This month-long onset of symptoms looks to be connected to the start of a new school year--something many have first-hand experience with.

That leaves one answer: A, no diagnosis.

How best to help the distressed client and her son? That's a question for another vignette. But normalizing and assessing stressors from school seem like good places to start.

For lots more vignette practice covering the wide range of material that can appear on the social work exam, try our full-length practice tests. Get started here.

Happy studying!

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Elle Passed the Masters Exam

elle passed the social work masters exam "I had purchased other test prep materials, but the SWTP practice exams and boosters really helped prepare me for the actual exam questions. The ability to review and access justification was extremely helpful! Highly recommend Social Work Test Prep!"

Congratulations and thanks, Elle!!!

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“I passed on the first try! Thank you SWTP!”

jennifer passed on the first try "I passed on the first try! Thank you SWTP!"

Congratulations, Jennifer!

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“I couldn't have done it without you!!”

bonnie passed the social work exam

From Facebook:

"Going through this process with SWTP was fabulous and I passed the LCSW exam on the first try. They taught me how to read the questions and assured me that I was ready...THANK YOU!!! I couldn't have done it without you!!!!"

Congratulations, Bonnie!!!


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