Prep CD Showdown: AATBS versus Gerry Grossman

Record PlayerMy iPod is semi-crammed with social work exam prep audio. My commute is long. So I've just about made it through two sets of prep CDs--AATBS and Gerry Grossman.

In brief: The AATBS approach is to stuff an overwhelming amount of info into a small set of CDs. A sometimes maddeningly monotone voice reads off the essentials, 50 minutes at a time--DSMDiagnosis, Law & Ethics, etc. A hard listen. But...good for cramming in info that's likely to come up on the test.  Probably worth re-suffering through right before exam time.

The Gerry Grossman discs I have are a series of clear, calm, theory-focused half-hours.  Each takes an approach (e.g., Gestalt, Strategic Family Therapy) and breaks it down by history, assessment, interventions, etc.  There's a pause between each section--a gentle hand-holding that has little in common with the AATBS stream of facts.
Which is better?  Neither, both.  Completely different approaches.  If you can get hold of both, do.
Haven't heard the BTA or other course audio...yet.  Please feel free--companies or customers--to send them my way:  socialworkprep [at]  Thanks in advance.


UPDATE:  I finally called to talk to an AATBS advisor (who advises calling the advisors earlier in the prep process than I did).  Also advised:  Listening to the AATBS CDs over and over--as much as 15 times each.  The maddening monotone is intentional.  They want you to be able to listen without really listening.  Half-listen while you drive, half-listen while you exercise, half-listen while you cook...and just let it all soak in.
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