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The SWTP YouTube Channel is back with a new, quick practice question walk-through. If you're a regular reader of these pages, you'll recognize the question, re research methods from a recent-ish post. Follow along, see you how you do.

Whatever your learning style, audio/visual learning can help lock in all that good-for-the-exam social work knowledge. Learn it any which way, then test it out with complete SWTP practice tests (sign up to get started). Then go pass that exam.

Good luck!

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ASWB Exam Practice - PTSD Symptoms

How well do you know the criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder? This video journey through a DSM practice question will test and strengthen your PTSD symptom knowledge.

How best to narrow down to the best answer? Sometimes, with DSM questions especially, you just have to know the material. How to learn the material? Practice tests.

Complete exams, about DSM and a myriad of other topics covered on the ASWB exam, are available on the site. Sign up, get practice, get licensed. Good luck on the exam!

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ASWB Exam Essentials from the SWTP Study Guide

Some exam essentials and study tips from the SWTP Study Guide (which you get in its entirety when you create a Social Work Test Prep account).

Some questions answered:

--How long is the AWSB exam?

--How many questions on the ASWB exam?

--How many questions count toward your score on the ASWB exam?

--What material to I need to know to pass the ASWB exam?

--What are the best ways to approach questions on the ASWB exam?

--What's the most effective way to study for the ASWB exam?

That one we'll answer here: practice, practice, practice!


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ASWB Exam Practice Walk-Through: Social Worker Psych Ward Burnout

A new ASWB exam practice question video walk-through. This one's about social worker burnout.

A psychiatric hospital social worker tells her supervisor she's been feeling irritable, exhausted, restless at night, and unsure of her ability to do her job anymore. She's thinking of quitting. The supervisor suggests a new hobby, some exercise, and time with friends. How is the supervisor most likely conceptualizing the social worker's complaints?

Get the offered answers plus strategies about how to narrow down to the correct answer. Follow SWTP on YouTube or Facebook to get these as they post. For complete, 170-question practice tests for some serious ASWB exam prep, sign up!

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ASWB Exam Practice - Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Here's a new video walk-through all about the criteria for NPD. Follow along and see how you do. Stick around for a quick bonus question at the end of the video.

For more DSM-focused practice, try our DSM Booster, available here. Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

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