Exam Prep via YouTube

Check out social work exam tutor Phillip Luttrell's YouTube channel. He's been posting a series of half-hour long videos dedicated to helping you learn how to pass the LMSW and LCSW exams. Additional videos dig into strategies for answers DSM-based questions, into Erikson's stages of development, and into PTSD.

Put Luttrell's teachings to work with practice questions. We've got plenty of them (over 900). Create an account to get started.

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DSM-5 Lectures

Here, from the SWTP YouTube channel, is a collection of lectures about DSM-5 and the changes therein. Not a lot of bells and whistles here. Just PowerPoint slides and professorial voices. There's more than enough info here to help you answer lots and lots and lots of social work exam questions. These may not be for everyone, but if you're attached to being lectured, you could do worse. Enjoy!

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We'll add more as we find them.


For DSM-5 practice questions, sign up for SWTP's DSM-5 practice exams.

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Learning Personality Disorders (and Schizophrenia) via Video

Visual learners, rejoice. Here's a series of quick videos from YouTuber Ash Lanquist covering the basics about each personality disorder. Schizophrenia and hallucinations vs. delusions also get her two-minute scribblevision treatment. Research methods in psychology also get attention--those  may or may not be helpful for the social work exam. For raw DSM helpfulness, stick with the PDs. Here, to get you started, is Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder:

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Social Work Licensing 101

Here's Social Work Licensing 101: MSW to CSW to LCSW, a helpful, hour-long seminar from Rob Butters of the University of Utah College of Social Work.  The talk includes a generous sampling of social work exam practice questions and ways to approach them.  Follow along with the slides posted here.

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Understanding Attachment Theory

Attachment in eight minutes:

Find more helpful video on SWTP's YouTube channel.

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