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result pass"I passed! My clinical exam with a score of 102 based on a passing score of 97. SWTP was very helpful."

Congratulations, Michelle!

Ready to get started? We're ready to help. All SWTP exams have been updated for 2018, reflecting changes to the NASW Code of Ethics and the ASWB Content Outline. Nothing helps prepare like realistic, real-time practice. Choose from five complete, 170-question practice tests and DSM and Ethics-specific booster packs.

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Happy studying and good luck with the exam!

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Lindy: “I PASSED!”

lindy celebrates passing the social work examGreat note and photo from Lindy, now a Massachusetts LICSW:

I PASSED! I was so grateful to SWTP to help me practice test taking, as I had been out of that realm I graduated with my Masters in SW almost 10 years ago! I was especially nervous about the DSM 5 portion of the exam, as when I went to school I studied with the DSM IV -TR. The SWTP setup  (especially the "show rationale" feature) was PERFECT for the way I like to learn - so I could take notes and go back and study some more. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Congratulations Lindy!

Wherever you are--any US state, any Canadian province, SWTP practice tests can help you get ready to PASS the ASWB exam.

The world needs more licensed social workers. We're rooting for you! Good luck!

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Perseverance: "The 4th time, the only study tool I used was SW Test Prep and I passed the exam."

four tries An amazing email from Kendrick, who passed the ASWB exam on his fourth try using SWTP.

First I would like to thank Social Work Test Prep for assisting me in passing the ASWB exam. I don't think I would of passed the exam without this program. The test questions were similar to the actual exam and the website also organized a lot of the material I needed to relearn.

I didn't past the exam on my first few tries. Many of the reviews on the website reflect people passing the exam on their first try and only studying a few weeks. Those testimonies gave me hope at first, but it also made me question my intellectual ability in the field of social work. It took me four times before I passed the exam. The first time I took the exam, I didn't study anything.

The second time I took it, I studied for a few weeks before taking the test. The third time, I studied for about 2 1/2 months and still failed the exam. Three days before the 3rd exam, I found the Social Work Test Prep website. When I saw the website, I felt like I could of passed the exam a long time ago if I started out with this website.

The 4th time, the only study tool I used was SW Test Prep and I passed the exam. The point of my testimony is to encourage the people that have to take the exam multiple times. Everyone doesn't pass it on their first couple of tries, but if you stay persistent and really study the material, you will pass the exam. I'm not a great test taker, but I refused to use that as an excuse in achieving my goal.

My wife took the ASWB exam the same day I took it. She passed also. Her only study tool was SW Test Prep. She was able to pass on her first try because I recommend SW Test Prep as her studied guide. Thank You SW Test Prep and I will recommend this site to future aspiring clinical social workers.

Congratulations, Kendrick! Very glad that you stayed at it. And thanks for writing this--it will help others persevere and pass. And congratulations to your wife! Two licenses in one day--hope you celebrated!

If you've got an inspiring story about your road to licensure, send it in!

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Kate Passed the Social Work Licensing Exam: “Wow this feels good!”

kate passed the social work licensing exam"My biggest professional life goal for 2017 is now complete. I passed the last exam and I am now a licensed clinical social worker, LCSW! Wow this feels good!"

Congratulations, Kate!

Get ready to achieve your professional life goals with realistic, real-time exam practice. Get started by choosing exams here.

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Happy holidays, happy studying, and good luck on the exam!

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Mieke Passed the LCSW Exam!

mieke passed the lcsw examMieke passed the social work licensing exam and her coworkers got her a cake. You can't quite read it in the picture, but it says,  "Celebrating Mieke, LCSW."

Congratulations, Mieke!

Wish we'd been there to have some celebrate with you (and have some cake).

When you pass and your friends or coworkers do something nice for you, share it! It's okay, no need to send a slice of cake. But do send a picture for us to post. Passing the ASWB exam is a huge milestone and deserves confetti, spotlights, paparazzi--the works! It at least deserves a picture here on the SWTP blog.

Because look at all it takes to pass the exam. First you have to decide to become a social worker (which is awesome), get through school (which is awesome), prep for and take and pass the exam (awesome, awesome, and awesome).

If you're prepping for the exam right now, know that we're rooting for you. And if you need practice exams to help you prep--who doesn't?--we've got them waiting. Choose your exams here to get started.

Happy studying and good luck!

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