"Your site helped immensely."

lori passed the social work exam"I just took the test on Friday and I am pleased to say I passed. Your site helped immensely . I took a review course, studied the material and took all five practice tests intermittently. Thanks for you site and your support!"

Congratulations, Lori!

You're next! Nothing prepares you for the exam like realistic practice.

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Happy studying and good luck with the exam!

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Millie Passed with SWTP

millie passed the social work exam"I passed the clinical social work exam!" Millie used SWTP practice tests, prepped, went in, and got it done. Thus, the smiling photo! The details of how exactly she went about prepping, we don't know. Everyone prepares a little differently. Some take months and learn items across the content outline in depth. They get to exam day, sit down in front of that screen, answer questions, and pass. Others trust themselves when it comes to taking a big, four-hour long multiple-choice test. They don't get started preparing in earnest till much closer to their exam day. A few practice tests later, they consider themselves prepared. They get to exam day, get into that testing center, take a deep breath, and, just like the longer-term preppers, they pass.

Which is you? Or are you somewhere in between?

You know best how you can most effectively structure your exam-prep time. You've made it this far. Get that exam date decided upon, set your sights on passing, and, when you're ready, dig in!

Regardless of how long you're giving yourself (or are able to carve out), practice tests are an agreed-upon essential to getting good and ready to pass the ASWB exam. Practice gets you both exposure to exam content and to what it feels like to sit for all those questions. Which is more important? It's the content, it's the's the content and the process! There's no right answer to these questions...just right answers to the questions on the social work exam!

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Congratulations, Millie!

Congratulations, all of you, in advance. Happy studying and good luck with the exam!

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"I felt very prepared to sit for the exam!"

sarah passed the social work examI passed my LICSW licensing exam! Thanks providing the practice tests and the study tips - I felt very prepared to sit for the exam!

Congratulations, Sarah! Great news, great to hear.


To work toward having that very prepared feeling, sign up for SWTP practice here.

As we've said before in these posts, knowing the material only gets you so far. To really get ready for the ASWB exam, practice tests are an enormous help, especially if you can set aside the time to take one or two of them in a four-hour go (just like the real thing). Practice tests help you sharpen your content knowledge and give you a good sense of how you'll perform when you're taking the real thing. Do you get hungry? Do you lose focus? Is it no big deal? There's one good way to find out.

Get practice, go in prepared, get licensed!

Good luck and congratulations in advance!

(Once you've taken the exam, don't forget to let us know how it went. Thanks!)

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"SWTP exams were breathtakingly critical to me."

jason passed the social work examTo SWTP staff: Your exam-prep bundles brim with ingenious design, comprehensive knowledge, and easy to understand answer rationales. SWTP exams were breathtakingly critical to me successfully passing my LMSW exam. Thanks!

Congratulations, Jason!

We've aimed to make our site easy to use and to stuff the practice tests with crucial, clearly presented information. It's great to hear that you feel like we've the mark!

Reader, if you haven't passed the exam yet, here's where to get started: Build your exam bundle.

We hope you'll find our hundreds of questions, rationales, and suggested study links as valuable in your exam prep as Jason did. Please let us know how it goes!

Good luck, happy studying, and congratulations in advance!

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"This site is amazing!"

kristin passed the social work exam"Hi, I just wanted to send my gratitude for the site. I passed! This site is amazing!"

Congratulations, Kristen!

And thanks! It's great to get emails like these.

Still preparing? We want you to pass the social work licensing exam. How we aim to help: Getting you exposed to hundreds of questions covering all manner of social work exam content. And for each of those questions, we provide thorough rationales, explaining the hows and whys of getting to the correct answer. Plus, SWTP exam questions each have a link for suggested study--a place to dig deeper into a tricky topic and get as comfortable as possible before you sit down for that big, four-hour test.

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Looking forward to getting your email with news that you've passed. Congratulations in advance!

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