"I passed my license exam!!!!"

doris passed the masters exam"Thanks for the extensions.... Now on to the clinical preparation!"

Congratulations, Doris! Get started with SWTP  by choosing your exams.

Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

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"I'm a LICENSED social worker thanks to this site!"

taylor passed the social work exam A great email from Taylor, another newly licensed social worker!

I purchased the 5-exam, DSM Booster, & Ethics Booster package. I took the practice exams for about 2 weeks one every couple of days at first and 2-3 exams per day closer to the test date. I'm pleased to say that I got my LBSW! I passed the exam the FIRST time!

It's been about 3 months since I graduated... we took practice tests throughout the semester in class, but I wasn't confident in taking the exam and passing it since I hadn't looked at the material in 3 months. These practice tests that SWTP has provided was just the refresher I needed!!! I'm proud to say that I'm a LICENSED social worker thanks to this site! 

Thank you all so much!

Congratulations, Taylor!

You're next. Choose your exams here (Taylor got the complete bundle).

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SWTP is "simply amazing"

tameka passed the social work examIt's really nice to open email and get something like this:

I finally passed my LMSW exam today! I used a bunch of different study materials in the past that didn't help much. I sat down and took one of your exams before I took my test. The rationales you give along with the resources to look them up is simply amazing! It actually helps you get a better overall picture! Thanks sooooo much SWTP! I am still speechless!

Congratulations, Tameka!

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SWTP "took away the anxiety"

swtp took away the anxietyFrom the SWTP inbox:

I bought 5 exams and the DSM Booster, studied for a little over a month and passed my test today. The study mode was great and full of helpful information. The exam mode was equally helpful and after 2 timed tests I knew I'd only need about 2 hrs so that took away the anxiety about running out of time. I got my masters in 2003 and was worried that I'd been out of school way too long to ever pass the test. The prep tests gave me a great idea of what to expect and I got my LCSW-C!

Congratulations, Kara! Very glad that SWTP helped!

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SWTP "closest to the actual exam"

pass the social work exam!It's great to get emails like these:

I passed my ASWB clinical exam last Saturday! I believe that your study materials had a significant impact on how well I did.  Your online practice exams are the best available and closest to the actual exam. Thank you Social Work Test Prep!

Congratulations, Heather! Very glad that SWTP helped!

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