SWTP "prepared and provided me with the confidence to succeed."

confidence to passFrom the Social Work Test Prep inbox:

I am so glad I purchased one of your exams. It prepared and provided me with the confidence to succeed. I passed it on my first try!!!

Congratulations, Treneane! Great news!


Ready to get serious about ASWB exam prep? Take a look at SWTP's exam bundles. Click around some--you'll notice that the more you get, the more you save. Generally speaking--time and budget allowing--the more practice, the better.

And if there's something you think would help you on the social work licensing exam that you can't find on SWTP, please let us know!

Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

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"Definitely a worthwhile purchase!"

kari passed the social work exam "The practice on Social Work Test Prep helped me go into my exam yesterday feeling confident and prepared! Definitely a worthwhile purchase! I feel so relieved to pass the ASWB exam on my first try! Thank you!"

Congratulations, Kari! Great news!

You're next. Choose exams here.

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SWTP "extremely helpful."

social work exam celebration fireworksCongratulations to Silas, newly licensed social worker! From our inbox:

I used your material to study for my exam and it was extremely helpful! I passed my exam today. You really showed me how they ask questions and how to respond. Thank you!

It's great to hear about how SWTP's helped with passing the exam. Have you taken the exam? Let us know how it went!

If you haven't taken the exam, it's not too late to get started with SWTP practice! Choose your exams here.

Happy studying and good luck!

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"Your practice exams gave me the stamina to succeed at the real deal."

social work exam staminaRoxanna is due some congratulations:

I passed! Thank you so much for the extension! I believe your practice exams gave me the stamina to succeed at the real deal. Will surely recommend to my colleagues and future supervises!

Congratulations, Roxanna!

The ASWB exam really is a marathon, not a sprint. The best way to prepare--and to build your stamina--is full-length, four-hour, 170-question practice tests. That's what SWTP offers. Though it may be tricky to set aside the time, try to find a four-hour block of time, sit down, and take an exam in full. In addition to the content practice that gives you, you also get insight into the process. How does your focus hold over the long haul? Do you need a bathroom break? A snack? If your attention starts to flag, what does it take to snap yourself back to the task at hand? Different social workers will have different answers to these questions. But to the exam questions themselves, we hope you all have the same answers--the correct ones.

Get started by choosing your exams here.

Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

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"I took my test last Saturday and passed!"

mirror imageSemah is newly licensed. She prepared with SWTP:

I took my test last Saturday and passed! The prep from your site really was helpful. There were several questions that were almost duplicates (not exactly, but close to the meaning). It was a good preparation before the real test. A great study guide to focus on the main issues on the test. Thank you!


Congratulations, Semah! Great to hear.

It's not at all uncommon for people to come away from the ASWB exam reporting that they felt more-than-ready to face the vast majority of the questions. SWTP practice questions are all drawn from the ASWB's exam outline. We're not copying questions, but we have a good sense of how exam question writers think.

Ready to get ready? Select your practice tests here.

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