Whitney Passed the ASWB Exam, Fourth Try—“The last three times I didn’t utilize your services.”

whitney passed the aswb exam with swtpWhitney writes:

I just took the exam for the third time less than a month ago. Failed by 5 points, and was given the 90 day waiver. Well all previous 3 times I didn't study really. This fourth time 18 days after failing, I used only your program and the aswb practice exam which I did the last time. Only thing new was your program. The last three times I didn't utilize your services.

I took the exam for the 4th time yesterday and passed. I was gripped in uncontrollably with anxiety. I got sick vomiting during the actual test. I had only 1:30 left on question 73. Despite not being able to focus from becoming sick during the exam I STILL PASSED. 

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I'm very thankful to have passed.

Congratulations, Whitney!!! Great to hear. Thanks for sharing your story!


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I passed my LSW exam this past weekend...

amy lmsw exam pass sheet An email from Amy, social worker in Pennsylvania.

I passed my LSW exam this past weekend. Just wanted to thank you. I  used the quizzes anytime I had a free moment over the past several weeks. I put off taking this exam for so long because I never thought I could do it. 

Congratulations, Amy! Great news. And thanks for sending in the pass-sheet snapshot. There's nothing that helps lift up still-studying social workers like success stories. Got a picture or story? Send it in!

People pass the exam every day. You're next. Happy studying.

"ur study material is the truth"

shankeria passed the social work exam @socialworkprep
i used ur material when preparing for my LMSW & NOW for my LCSW....ur study material is the truth #LatePost #SheDidIt #LCSW #GoalAccomplished

I had failed this test three times...

ASWB PASS REPORT Message from Gina:

Your program is awesome! I had failed this test three times in 2006-2007 and became discouraged and entered another field. I was determined this year to try again and primarily used Social Work Test Prep to prepare me. It worked! The test questions, explanations, and the reading resources were extremely helpful. I will be informing others of this program!

Amazing. Congratulations, Gina!!! And thanks!!!

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“It’s finally over!…I will be referring many to SWTP!”

aswb exam - it's finally over"I wanted to let you guys know that I finally passed my clinical exam. This last time around I used only your exams to study. I appreciate that you guys continuously extended my use of your site until I passed. I will be referring many to SWTP!!!!!!"

Congratulations and thanks, Latora!

(Btw, she wasn't getting special favors. Extensions are free. We're with you till you pass.)

Good luck, all!