Passing the Exam--An Interview with Amanda Rowan, LCSW of The Therapist Development Center

Amanda Rowan, LCSW is the founder of SWTP partner site, The Therapist Development Center--a place for exam coaching, content, and all-around exam prep. She talked to SWTP via email about what drives her to help people pass the exam and how she does it. What's your background? What do you do now? I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I received my Masters in Social Work at UCLA. I completed my undergraduate education at Dartmouth College where I majored in Psychology and Biology. I have worked as a clinical social worker in a number of different settings including community based practice with the homeless population, teenagers, and families with young children. Currently, I have a private practice in West Los Angeles. In addition to direct social work practice, I also have a passion for teaching. My honors thesis at Dartmouth was on the neuroscience of the learning process. In high school, I would host study groups at my house. After college, I worked for Kaplan Test Prep helping people pass the SAT, GRE, MCAT (medical school exam) and DAT (Dental Exam). My background in neuroscience and my experience at Kaplan taught me the value of learning strategies over content memorization. When I started studying for the LCSW exam I was really disappointed in the various study materials out there (and I reviewed all of them!). The exam companies all overwhelmed me with content, but didn’t give any clear strategies for taking the test. I studied for five months and felt that only 10% of what I had studied was actually on the exam. After passing, I went to work for one of the major test prep companies, hoping to change things. I kept telling them that a lot of what they were teaching wasn’t on the exam and should be removed from the curriculum. They didn’t listen. So I decided to start the Therapist Development Center and offer a different approach–one more focused on strategies and essential content
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Questions for Gerry Grossman

Gerry Grossman is the founder of Gerry Grossman Seminars, one of the small handful of well-respected exam-prep companies. He talked to SWTP via email about how he came to be who he is and what the company offers.
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Interview: Stan Taubman of Berkeley Training Associates

Social Work Test Prep talked to Stan Taubman of Berkeley Training Associates via email about how he found himself in the exam-prep field, what BTA does, and how they do it.
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