Exam Prep via YouTube

Check out social work exam tutor Phillip Luttrell's YouTube channel. He's been posting a series of half-hour long videos dedicated to helping you learn how to pass the LMSW and LCSW exams. Additional videos dig into strategies for answers DSM-based questions, into Erikson's stages of development, and into PTSD.

Put Luttrell's teachings to work with practice questions. We've got plenty of them (over 900). Create an account to get started.

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The ADAA Anxiety Podcast (and Other Audio Exam Prep)

adaa podcastsIt's been a while since we posted an audio resource. Here's a good-looking one: the Anxiety and Depression Association of America's podcast series. Learn more about anxiety for anxiety questions on the ASWB exam, for working with clients, and maybe for helping yourself some. Find a short list of anxiety-related podcasts, including the ADAA one, here. The audio tag on this blog will lead you to still more test-prep-friendly ear learning.

Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

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Social Work Exam Prep Audio: Mind Changers

mind changers Here's something to add to our/your list of social work exam prep audio: Mind Changers, from BBC Radio 4. The thirty 30-minute shows survey highlights from 20th century psych. Not all of them contain social work exam material, but all will be of interest to (interested) social workers. For the exam, try episodes about Maslow's Hierarchy, Julian Rotter and Locus of Control, Harlow's Monkeys, Mary Ainsworth, Jean Piaget. (Thanks to @vaughnbell for the tweeted tip.)

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Audio Test Prep: Social Work Matters

social work podcast listeners Another podcast to add to the list of possibly helpful exam prep audio: Social Work Matters from the Columbia University School of Social Work. The latest episode is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Social Work. From the background info on the page, this helpful exam-preppy summary:

What is DBT? The answer to that question requires going into the history of this form of psychotherapy. The developer, Marsha Linehan, was interested in helping suicidal youth. She had originally trained as a behavior therapist, but after noting the futility of going in and telling patients how to fix their problems, went back to the drawing board. Unwilling to settle for a simple acceptance strategy, she decided to develop a treatment that would strike the balance between patients feeling accepted and taking steps to change their behavior.

Previous episodes cover social work topics that are not as likely to show up on the exam (e.g., the Trayvon Martin case), but still worth a listen if you've got the time.

Good luck on the exam!

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Exam Prep via Podcast

learn by listeningPractice tests and reading are terrific, essential.  But sometimes you may want to take a break from them...without taking a break from studying. That's when to let a good social work podcast step in. Listening can help deepen your knowledge and understanding about a wide variety of topics, many of which are likely to show up on the exam.  Here are three social work podcasts to get friendly with:

The Social Work Podcast. Jonathan Singer's venerable podcast covers lots of material that's great to know for the exam and for social work practice.  A recent episode about social work ethics is a good example.  Be sure to browse the archives; theory and practice basics were the topics on many of the early shows.

inSocialWork. The University of Buffalo's contribution (formerly Living Proof) is...well, they can explain it:  "The purpose of this series is to engage practitioners and researchers in lifelong learning and to promote research to practice and practice to research. inSocialWork features conversations with prominent social work professionals, interviews with cutting-edge researchers, and information on emerging trends and best practices in the field of social work."

Podsocs.  Originating at Australia's Griffith University, this podcast may stray into areas of law and ethics that aren't perfectly aligned with the NASW Code, on which ASWB test questions are based.  But that still leaves plenty of material that can be helpful to ASWB test preppers.  Get browsing.

If you find episodes of any of the above--or other audio--you'd recommend to your fellow license-bound social workers, please sound off in comments. 

Happy listening and good luck on the exam!

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