ASWB Exam Practice Question – A Client Suddenly Becomes Enraged…

angryHere's a free practice question for the social work licensing exam. See how you do:

During a meeting with a social worker, a client suddenly becomes enraged. She stands up, slams her fist on the desk, and throws a book across the room, breaking a picture frame. How should the clinician FIRST respond?

A. Shout for help.

B. Order the client out of the office.

C. Speak in a calm, soothing manner.

D. Tell the client to sit back down in order to discuss whatever is upsetting her.

What do you think?

Not sure? Sometimes the best way to approach questions like these isn't to think back to textbook teachings. It's to imagine yourself in the situation. A client starts acting out, throwing things, breaking things. What would you do?

Shout for help? Shouting for help is a valid option if the clinician is or is about to be physically attacked. But in this situation, it risks escalating the angry behavior.

Order the client out of the office? If a clinician orders a client to do something, the client may interpret this as an attempt to gain general control over her behavior, and may (most likely) become angrier.

Discuss issues? The client is probably past the point of being able to talk rationally about the source of her upset. Talking about it now will probably only lead to more rage.

Which leaves just one answer, however vague it may be: speak in a calm, soothing manner. This is the correct answer. Most people cannot maintain intense anger in the face of a calm, soothing response.

Is that what you'd do? Is that how you answered? Either way, you're now that much closer to being prepared for the ASWB exam. To get much more prepared, sign up for SWTP's complete, 170-question practice tests.

Our tests have rationales, like the ones above, for each answer of each question. Plus a suggested study link for more details about the question topic. Like this one about handling patient (aka client) anger.

Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

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ASWB Exam Practice Walk-Through: Social Worker Psych Ward Burnout

A new ASWB exam practice question video walk-through. This one's about social worker burnout.

A psychiatric hospital social worker tells her supervisor she's been feeling irritable, exhausted, restless at night, and unsure of her ability to do her job anymore. She's thinking of quitting. The supervisor suggests a new hobby, some exercise, and time with friends. How is the supervisor most likely conceptualizing the social worker's complaints?

Get the offered answers plus strategies about how to narrow down to the correct answer. Follow SWTP on YouTube or Facebook to get these as they post. For complete, 170-question practice tests for some serious ASWB exam prep, sign up!

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SWTP Practice Tests Updated for 2018!

2018 is the year i get licensedHappy New Year! It's 2018! It's the year you get licensed!

With the new year comes the new NASW Code of Ethics and the new ASWB content blueprints. Both kicked in for social workers and exam preppers on 1/1/18.

SWTP is ready for them both!

We've updated our exams to reflect the new categories and new category-to-category weighting in the ASWB outline ( has details, if you're curious). And we've updated and added new ethics questions to each exam and the Ethics Booster to reflect changes to the Code of Ethics.

To read more about the changes to the Code (the more vital of the two updates for all social workers), read the new version of the code linked above, and/or take a look at these two helpful summaries:

Most of the significant additions are related to the use of tech for social workers. Email, Googling clients, etc.  We'll post a free new-code question or two on these pages soon--stay tuned!  With the articles above, you'll have everything new you need to know to be ready for practice (and real) ethics questions. Remember, there's a lot of ethics on the exam. Be ready. Practice tests will help.

While we were updating, we also checked every single suggested study link to ensure you're getting the best possible additional information on all of the topics covered on the exams. (If you find a better one for any question, please don't hesitate to let us know.)

If you want to get licensed in 2018, we want to help you! One way to get started: Make a public pledge to pass the exam this year: Retweet SWTP here or share via SWTP on Facebook.  "This year I get licensed!"

Ready to start? Get underway with real-time, realistic SWTP exam practice by choosing exams here.

Happy studying, good luck, and congratulations in advance!

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Coming Soon: ASWB Content Outline Changes

It will be a busy autumn for us at SWTP. Along with updating exams to reflect NASW Code of Ethics changes, we'll be making sure all practice tests reflect changes to the ASWB content outlines. What does this mean for you? Very little.

ASWB content outlines detail the wide array of material that may appear on any given version of the social work licensing exam. We've compared the old and new outlines. The changes, by and large, are not wildly significant. Category names get a little makeover. Some content has been added, some pruned. The overall effect to you, the social work exam prepper: negligible.

Take a look for yourself, if you like. The current versions-which become ASWB history on January 2nd, 2018-are posted here.  The new versions are posted here.  Handy diagrams showing the before and after differences are here. See? No big.

We'll have practice tests reflecting all coming changes up soon. In the meantime, whether you're prepping for a 2017 or 2018 exam date, get started with practice tests by creating your own exam bundle here.

Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

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LMSW Exam Prep

social work exam as stunt Future Licensed Master Social Workers, the web is here to help! Passing the LMSW exam doesn't have to feel like some impossible stunt. Your exam prep doesn't have to wear you out or empty your wallet. First, of course, sign up for SWTP's practice exams. Each question has its own suggested study link to help you deepen your knowledge and ready you for the exam. Elsewhere on the web is advice and guidance by the digital bucketful. Here are just a couple of sites to check out--ten tips, flash cards by the hundreds.

Good luck with your test prep and congratulations in advance on your LMSW!

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