Passing the LMSW Exam

josh lmsw licenseJosh used SWTP…and now he's got this Licensed Master Social Worker certificate to hang up. If you want to study the way he studied, here's what he suggests.

Take one full length 4 hour exam 5 days a week 1 month before your test date to prepare. Learning how to sit for 4 hours and read through each question is imperative to passing the test.

So, one grueling week going through all the material, then a month to review. Then pass.

You may not have four free hours on a weekday to squeeze in a practice test. Another similar way to go, reserve four hours on five consecutive weekends to run a full-length practice test and review through the week that follows.

Others might break exams into manageable sections, doing maybe an hour at a time here and there. You know you. You know what will work best for you.

However you plan to structure your studying, it all starts with creating an SWTP account, getting our free study guide, and ordering up some exams (they'll appear instantly (or near-instantly) on the Your Exams page).

Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

Laura (and Jasmine and Daniel and Janice and Jenni) Passed the Social Work Licensing Exam!

laura passed the social work licensing exam in mississippiI'm so glad I used Social Work Test Prep! Passed on my first try! Money well spent! - Laura (pictured)

Your program was AMAZING! I passed my clinical exam with the help of this great program. This was the only program that the questions resembled the actual exam. - Jasmine

Thanks for the help. I used 4 of the exams and was able to pass on the first attempt. - Daniel

I passed my exam!!! I'm so happy I took your program! - Janice

I wanted to let you know I passed my LCSW! I really appreciate SWTP and the practice exams were a huge help! - Jenni

Congratulations, Laura, Jasmine, Daniel, Janice, and Jenni! Thanks for writing. And to everyone who has recently passed the ASWB exam with SWTP, way to go! Cue the confetti and celebratory music. (I'm dancing as I type this.)

Reader, you're next. Sign up to get started with SWTP's full-length practice tests. You'll be glad you did. Nothing prepares you for the real thing like realistic practice.

More congratulations, all! And congratulations in advance to you, future exam taker (and passer!). Happy studying and good luck!

Carol Passed on Her Third Try - “I believe practicing the SWTP questions is what helped the most.”

carol passed the masters exam in massachusettesFrom the SWTP inbox:

Thanks so much - I am very happy to tell you that I took the exam in Boston 4/27 and passed. My third try.  The SWTP questions were terrific. Very very helpful and comparable in difficulty to the questions on the actual licensing exam. I practiced hundreds if not thousands before I found out about SWTP.  You can be sure that I will pass that along to anyone who is studying for the master's exam.

I believe practicing the SWTP questions is what helped the most.  And reading the exam questions at least twice before answering was certainly the key.

And the links to the additional material was also very useful. 

So, really - thanks from another grateful LICENSED social worker.


Congratulations, Carol! Great to hear!

If you're reading this and preparing for the social work licensing exam-if it's your first time or a repeat-we're here to help. We've got five complete, 170-question practice tests, all loaded with thorough rationales for each answer of each question, plus helpful links for deeper dives into tricky topics. Realistic practice is the best way we know to prepare for the ASWB exam. That's why practice is the heart of the SWTP program. For social workers, by social workers. Sign up to try us out.

Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

ASWB Exam Pass Party--“So glad I found this resource”

smile you passed the aswb examCongratulations to all who have recently passed the ASWB exam! Here are a few celebratory emails from the SWTP inbox:

I passed my ASWB clinical exam on the first try. The practice tests and the DSM booster were so helpful. I was able to target study areas and find common themes to the way questions were asked and what the test was looking for. So glad I found this resource and I've recommended it to my friends who are studying.


Hello SWTP staff, I am pleased to report that I finally passed the Master's Level Exam. Use of your practice exams were extremely helpful!


Good Morning!! Thank you so much for this amazing program! I passed my LCSW-C! It was my first time taking it️ ☺

Thanks again!


I was able to pass on my first go around at the LCSW clinical exam ☺


Passed the exam!!! Thank you!!!!


Hey! I took my exam and passed!




Yay! I passed my LCSW exam on the first try, thanks to your website.


I passed my test, thank you so much for all the help!


I passed on the first shot!


Congratulations, all!

Ready to join them? Sign up to get started with our free study guide and practice, practice, practice. Looking forward to hearing your good news soon. Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

Stacey Passed the ASWB Masters Exam

stacey passed the aswb masters exam in alabamaStacey passed the ASWB Masters exam in Alabama, and here's the proof.

Congratulations, Stacey! Congratulations to all recent ASWB exam passers. Way to go!

Ready to join 2021's approaching parade of proud, newly licensed social workers? Sign up with SWTP to get started. We've got five complete, 170-question exams plus two shorter booster tests (one all DSM, one all ethics) ready to get you ready.

Get practice, get licensed. Good luck!

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