Deborah Passed the Clinical Exam in Illinois

deborah passed the clinical social work exam in illinois From our DMs:

Just wanted to let you know I passed the ASWB last Friday! :)  Such a relief ---- especially since I finished my Masters TWENTY YEARS AGO in 2001!!

What helped, she says, was practice questions--tons of 'em. She didn't let a two-decade gap since getting her degree phase her. She ran practice questions, knew what to expect when she sat down for the ASWB exam, and got the job done.

Great site -- and also appreciated the free extension!

Glad to have helped! Congratulations, Deborah! Congratulations to all recently licensed social workers. Way to go!

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Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

Pass the Florida Social Work Exam

tamara passed the florida social work examTamara passed the ASWB exam in Florida and you can too! She wrote to tell us later. Did she have a pass-sheet picture, we asked. Her answer, alongside a sobbing emoji: "I didn't even take a picture but I will. I was too busy crying." Then she took this. Proud, happy, licensed.

The exam is national, so wherever you are-US or Canada-use SWTP practice to get ready. Familiarize yourself with exam contact and exam process. How's your stamina for a long exam sit? How long does it take you to answer questions on average? Can you get to all 170 in the four hours allotted? Are you going to need to a snack break?

There's nothing like realistic practice to get you prepared for the real thing. Arrive at exam day with confidence knowing you can Just Do It.

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Happy studying. Don't forget to send in a selfie once you pass. Good luck!

Bridget Passed the Clinical Exam in Maryland

bridget passed the clinical exam with swtpGood news from MD!

Thank you so much for this amazing program! I passed my LCSW-C on 5/21/21! It was my first time taking it️ : )

Congratulations, Bridget! And congratulations to everyone who's recently passed the social work licensing exam. Hope you're dancing and high-fiving daily!

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Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

ASWB Exam Pass Party--“So glad I found this resource”

smile you passed the aswb examCongratulations to all who have recently passed the ASWB exam! Here are a few celebratory emails from the SWTP inbox:

I passed my ASWB clinical exam on the first try. The practice tests and the DSM booster were so helpful. I was able to target study areas and find common themes to the way questions were asked and what the test was looking for. So glad I found this resource and I've recommended it to my friends who are studying.


Hello SWTP staff, I am pleased to report that I finally passed the Master's Level Exam. Use of your practice exams were extremely helpful!


Good Morning!! Thank you so much for this amazing program! I passed my LCSW-C! It was my first time taking it️ ☺

Thanks again!


I was able to pass on my first go around at the LCSW clinical exam ☺


Passed the exam!!! Thank you!!!!


Hey! I took my exam and passed!




Yay! I passed my LCSW exam on the first try, thanks to your website.


I passed my test, thank you so much for all the help!


I passed on the first shot!


Congratulations, all!

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Lawanda Passed the LCSW Exam: “SWTP was Instrumental”

lawanda passed the indian lcsw examSWTP was instrumental in building my confidence level after failing by 1 point the first time. Nailed it this time! Thanks, SWTP! - Lawanda, new LCSW

Congratulations, Lawanda!

If you're looking to pass the social work licensing exam, we're here to help. SWTP's five complete exams and two boosters (DSM & ethics) are a terrific way to learn the exam process, learn exam content, and get you set to face the real thing with confidence.

The ASWB exam can seem overwhelming, but it's just a collection of straightforward questions about social work practice. The material is learnable. The experience-170 questions in four hours-is something you can train to get ready for, like runners prepare for a marathon.

Practice tests are the best prep we know of. That's why the heart of the SWTP program is practice tests, thorough rationales, and links for reading on topics that you're looking to grasp further.

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Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

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