“Thought of the Day: Shara Ruffin, LCSW After 5 grueling hours of testing!”

shara got licensedAmazing post from Shara on the SWTP Facebook Group:

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Shara Ruffin, LCSW, ACSW, C-SWHC, BC-TMH

After 5 grueling hours !

Yes I have alphabet soup and I don't give a damn!!

Thought of the Day:

Shara Ruffin, LCSW

After 5 grueling hours of testing!

MY Testimony

10 years since I received my Masters in Social Work (MSW) at Howard University School of Social Work .

7 years since passing my master level social work license. (LSW)

It usually takes 2 years to get the LCSW, however life happened between my masters degree and present day. 2010 -2020.

2011 -failed by 3 points LSW exam.

2013- passed by 15 points LSW.

2014- Marriage

Gave Birth to a still born daughter

Gave birth to a medically compromised son

2015-Managing single motherhood post-partum depression, anxiety, trauma, while working a full time job as a mental health professional and working toward clinical hours.

2016 -Military Divorce

November 2019 -failed LCSW exam by 2 pts

December 2019 - after I failed my exam. I put my failure aside and I coached a social work colleague and college friend through their LCSW and she passed.

March 2020 -Lost ability to work after the pandemic started due to needing to homeschool son at home. I had to apply for foodstamps due to loss in income.

shara passed the lcsw examApril 2020 -Invested stimulus money and taxes into increasing my clinical skills, while studying for the LCSW exam.

July 2020

I applied for state insurance because I did not have health insurance . Reach out to a mental health facility because my mental health was declining for help, due to my GAD and ADHD symptoms increasing. I got on medication for my anxiety and adhd through a psychiatrist and received Individual counseling for my anxiety.

August 2020

Got testing accommodations through ASWB, separate testing room for read aloud, 1 extra hour of testing after getting an updated neuropsychiatric evaluation which my insurance did not pay for which was an extra $500.00.

November 6th, 2020 I passed the LCSW exam.


"You have a dream go get it no matter what life throws at you".

Advocate for yourself.

Get help when you needed it

November 6th, 2020 I passed the LCSW exam.


"You have a dream go get it no matter what life throws at you".

shara pennsylvania lcsw licenseThank you for all the help to those that have known and witnessed the journey !

She followed up today with this, alongside a picture of her license.

So I just cried for 30 minutes I opened my mail today and it became real

Congratulations, Shara! Proud to have played a small part in helping you get to this moment. Go get 'em!

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Lynn Passed the PA Social Work Exam

lynn passed the pennsylvania social work examFrom Lynn in Pennsylvania, newly licensed:

Just wanted to let you know I passed my clinical test today thanks to your practice tests!! They are the best!

Congratulations, Lynn!!!

It's great to see the beaming smiles of the newly licensed. Join Lynn in the beam wherever you are (the ASWB exam is national). First step: practice. Second step: practice. Third step: practice.

We've got exams to help you get through the whole process, start to finish. The complete bundle-our best deal-is loaded with over 900 realistic practice questions, each with thorough rationales for each answer of each question, plus links for additional topic study, should you need it.

More congratulations to Lynn. Can't wait to see your pass sheet selfie in this space soon. Good luck and happy studying!

Collins passed the ASWB Clinical Exam in North Carolina

collins passed the north carolina clinical examNC has a newly licensed social worker!

I successfully completed the program and just PASSED my ASWB Clinical Exam! Thank you for everything!

Congratulations, Collins!

Get ready for your close-up by thoroughly preparing for the exam using any/all of SWTP's practice tests offerings: five complete, 170-question exams and two booster tests (one all DSM questions, one all ethics questions).

Realistic exam practice gets you familiarity with both exam content and with what it's like to sit for a high-pressure, four-hour test.

The ASWB exam is used throughout the U.S. and in Canada. Wherever you are doubtlessly needs more licensed social workers. Get started in joining Collins by signing up.

Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

“I passed the MSW Clinical test…Such a relief.”

shanghaiI just wanted to thank you for the practice tests, which were very helpful. I passed the MSW Clinical test.  I had to take it in China, where I live, in the virus time, and I was still pleased to find out I passed right away.  Such a relief.

Many thanks. I appreciated the full-length practice tests the most.

-- Jennifer

Congratulations, Jennifer! Great to hear. Not sure how it worked, taking the test in China, but glad that it did.

Ready to pass the ASWB exam? Social Work Test Prep practice tests are designed to help make that happen. There are five complete, 170-question exams and two boosters (one all DSM, one all ethics) available to help that dream you've had of passing the social work licensing exam come true. Sign up to get started. We'll be waiting for  your good-news email.

Happy studying and good luck with the exam!

Raschid Passed the Maryland LCSW Exam!: “I recommend this site to all future clinicians.”

Image may contain: text that says 'Association of Social Work B RASCHID SMITH UNOFFICIAL SCORE REPORT Clinical Examination 7/15/2020 Examination Result: PASS Jurisdiction: MD NOTE: result subject delivery of the official Congratulations! Within weeks, license Please www.aswb.oro find have passe Clinical ASWB your juris your score will automatically forwarded formation jurisdiction contact boardto follow board th address changes, please notify your marriage certificate, Examination Result Repor verify social credentialing report assignment, The resul indicated purposes employment scoring used ormation aboutthe social work examination Registry collec important documen' Very nice to get this from Raschid in Maryland:

I am very much thankful for Social Work Test Prep. This testing site helped me get over the hump I needed to pass clinical licensure. Thanks again for the reasonable subscription fee and the adequate time frame to practice practice practice. I recommend this site to all future clinicians.

Congratulations, Raschid!

You're next! Sign up to get started with SWTP's full-length social work licensing exam practice tests. Practice, practice, practice, then pass, pass, pass. Send in your pass-sheet selfie when you do. Always great to receive.

Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

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