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Continuing EducationBefore you get the pleasure of prepping for the LCSW exam, you've got to complete the application (CA app is here), which means, among other things, getting supervised hours...a passport photo...and a bunch of CEs. Here in California they want 7 hours on child abuse, 10 hours on human sexuality...never mind, the list is here. And you thought you already got educated.
A semi-thorough search of CA-approved online CE providers brought me to two cheaper-and-faster-than-other sites:
If you're budgeting time, know that 10 CE hours do not equal 10 real world hours. (The "find" function is your friend--it's like online traffic school that way.) Between the two sites, I got what I needed. See how it goes for you.
UPDATE: Happened to have online traffic school to do. Turns out, they've set up timed pages--20 minutes per. The whole thing takes forever. Social Work CEUs are much faster 'n' least for now.
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