LISW Success Story: "I Passed!"

From today's inbox. Subject line: "I Passed!"

i passed I wanted to thank you so much for your website. I passed my LISW exam! I graduated many years ago with my MSW and have worked as a LMSW for 17 years. Needless to say, I needed to study a lot and your test questions really helped me with studying and to get in the right mind set of what the questions were asking. Thank you also for offering practice exams at an affordable cost.

Congratulations, Jenny! Thanks for writing!


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Clinical Exam Success Story: SWTP "Incredibly Helpful"

Another nice email from the SWTP inbox. Subject line: THANK YOU!

swtp incredibly helpfulHello! I just wanted to tell say thank you so much for your website and practice exams! I took my clinical exam for the first time on Friday and passed! I had very little time to study and graduated with my Masters degree 14 years ago! Needless to say, it had been a while!

I borrowed lots of study material from friends (who had to take the exam a few times to pass) and the thousands of pages were overwhelming! With little time to study and a lot going on in my life, I found your site and ordered two exams. I took the exams and then studied the answers I got wrong, the reasoning, etc. and was better able to get a grasp on how to better answer the questions, as well as review information that I had forgotten, etc. The exams were affordable and incredibly helpful. Thank you so much! I am recommending your site to two co-workers!

Congratulations, Rochelle! Thanks for writing and for spreading the word!


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Exam Passer Denise Burgert: "You Can Do This!"

Social Worker Denise Burgert From the SWTP inbox, a great social work exam success story from Denise Burgert:

I passed the social work exam and got my LSW two years ago in April. It took me three times taking it to pass. I don't think I prepared myself for the difficulty of the exam in the beginning. The questions are very wordy at times with unnecessary information.

I knuckled down. With your help and one month of my devoted time, I studied and practiced until I finally passed it. Thank you for providing me with the tools to utilize. I must say, after the second time not passing the exam, especially with only failing by one point, I was very feeling very defeated. My young son at the time felt this defeat just by being in my presence, and he encouraged me by saying, "Mom, don't give up." 

As far as your tries for passing this test, the first try is the worst (I was 20 pts away from passing), the second is the best (I was only one pt away from passing), but the third try is the one with the Treasure Chest!  He was right.  With my dedication, the support of my kiddo, and the help from Social Work Test Prep, I not only passed my exam, but also obtained the job that I only wished to have while completing my internship.  I am at a Bachelor's degree level with my LSW and I am currently salaried at 47,500 and doing what I absolutely love to do! 

Thank you so much.  And to all of those who feel defeat, don't ever give up.  Your Treasure Chest is awaiting you too!  YOU CAN DO THIS!  Best of luck to all of you.


Congratulations, Denise! Thanks for writing!

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The Package Deal

Here's an email from soon-to-be-licensed social worker and happy SWTP user, Miriam:

didn't realize

She bought each exam one at a time, then realized that she should've purchased the four-exam bundle. People do it all the time. Consider saving yourself the headache--and the cash!--and get a multi-exam bundle at the outset.

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Good luck with the exam!

California LCSW Success Story

so thankful i was able to pass A nice email from Laurie, newly licensed in California:

The Calif LCSW exams were definitely a source of anxiety!!! I studied sometimes with other MSWs, which was helpful because we would talk things through to make sense of them but most of my studying was done solo. The first exam was actually easier to study for because the content seemed more fact driven. I found the second exam, which was based on client scenarios, to be far more difficult to study for. This is the one that relies more on your clinical experience and judgment to really know how to answer the questions. What I focused on when I studied for the second exam was more on clinical issues that I wasn't seeing much in my practice at that point in time. I needed to refresh myself on those.

A trick that worked for me was to think about the cases of specific clients I had worked with when studying about certain diagnoses. This helped because I could relate more to the subtleties of the disorders by connecting them to specific clients. It helped me with treatment planning, assessing, and so on.
I didn't attend any test prep classes, used SWTP materials (and materials from another company just to mix it up a little).  I like the way you structured your materials....simple, but effective.

I am so thankful that I was able to pass both exams the first time because I was not thrilled at the idea of sitting through them more than once. It got to a point when I was studying where I felt like I just couldn't study anymore and it was time to just get it done!

--Laurie Orr, LCSW, PPSC


Congratulations, Laurie! Thanks for writing!

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