“I didn’t pass the first time I took the test…”

melissa passed the social work examFrom the SWTP inbox:

I didn't pass the first time I took the test. That was before I purchased SWTP practice. I enjoyed taking the assessment, which were similar to the question that were on the test. The practice helped me reduce my anxiety. I also purchased the textbook version on Amazon. These books helped me highlight keys words to help me remember how to answer the questions. I highly recommend purchasing this product!

Congratulations, Melissa! Great to hear!

Facing the exam is hard enough. Facing it once you've already tried is harder still. Practice tests are a great way to boost your confidence, increase your knowledge, and get more-and-more familiar with the exam-taking process.

We generally steer people toward the online versions of the exams. They get to  you more quickly (instantly) and they contain suggested study links which don't appear in the printed versions of the exams. But for many, have printed exams is an essential part of exam prep. You can mark them up, you can jump around however you like, and, if you get frustrated with your exam prep, you can throw them across the room, which isn't generally a good idea with a computer, tablet, or phone.

Printed exam info is here. Or get started now with online practice by building your exam bundle.

However you study, however many times you've had to take the exam before finding SWTP, good luck! We're rooting for you!

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Got practice, got licensed.

Patrice passed the social work licensing examA message via Facebook from the proud husband of a recently licensed social worker:

I found out about you guys through an Instagram and told my wife about it. She got the material and passed on her first time!! Thanks for the help!

Congratulations, Patrice! And thanks, Deautre, for writing!

Yes, SWTP is on Instagram. Add us there and/or use hashtag #socialworktestprep when posting your exam news.

We love getting these pictures. Have one? Send it our way!

Not everyone passes the social work exam on the first time. But we want to boost your chances of doing just that. Our practice tests simultaneously help you get a handle on exam content and on what it feels like to sit for a 170-question, vignette-filled, four-hour exam. Both are vitally important. You've got to know your stuff. And you've got to know you. How long does it take you to get through all those questions? Does your focus start to fade? Are you better off marking difficult questions and returning to them or just taking your best shot?

You can get clarity on all that and most other questions you have about what it's like to sit for the exam by diving in with SWTP practice.

Choose your exams here.

Good luck!

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“I am SO happy I chose SWTP!”

renee passed the lmsw exam"I am happy to inform you that I PASSED! I am SO happy I chose SWTP! The questions and rationales were clear and your online platform (timed, untimed, and study mode) helped me mange my time better.

I want everyone to know that if you want to PASS your LMSW exam, you need to purchase SWTP."

Congratulations, Renee!

Always great to hear. We're happy you chose SWTP too!

Have you taken the exam yet? Let us know how it went. Share your news. If you've got a picture of yourself with your pass sheet, even better.

If you're still preparing or haven't yet gotten started preparing for the social work licensing exam, you're in the right place. We aim to provide comprehensive practice with, like Renee says, clear rationales and questions. Exam mode allows you to recreate the four-hour timed exam experience. Study mode lets you start and stop the test and gives you instant access to rationales and suggested study links for each question.

Ready to get licensed?

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Good luck!

SWTP & UT Austin

ut austinAttention University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work students and grads: Social Work Test Prep practice tests are now available to you through the DiNitto Library, free! No cost exam prep! UT Austin Social Work is now providing SWTP exams to current students and alums looking to prepare for various levels of the social work licensing exam. (In Texas, it's LBSW, LMSW, and LCSW.) Talk to the folks at the library and they'll hook you up.

Like the sound of free practice but not affiliated with UT Austin? Talk to the people at your current or former school-the ones who might be in charge of such things (the library is a good place to start). Send them our way! Have them write

Itching to get started with practice tests? Here's the place to choose your exams.

Good luck UT Austin students and everyone else. May you all be licensed soon!

Coming Soon: NASW Code of Ethics Changes

Layout 1Changes are coming to the NASW Code of Ethics. This NASW blog post goes into some details. Essential dates: Nov 1, 2017, copies become available. Jan 1, 2018, the new edition of the code goes into effect.

SWTP will of course be modifying practice to reflect all changes--stay tuned for details!

More from FAQs on the NASW post:

Q: Which sections of the NASW Code of Ethics were updated?

A: The sections of the NASW Code of Ethics that were revised include:

The Purpose of the Code
1.03 Informed Consent
1.04 Competence
1.05 Cultural Competence and Social
1.06 Conflicts of Interest
1.07 Privacy and Confidentiality
1.08 Access to Records
1.09 Sexual Relationships
1.11 Sexual Harassment
1.15 Interruption of Services
1.16 Referral for Services
2.01 Respect
2.06 Sexual Relationships
2.07 Sexual Harassment
2.10 Unethical Conduct of Colleagues
3.01 Supervision and Consultation
3.02 Education and Training
3.04 Client Records
5.02 Evaluation and Research
6.04 Social and Political Action

Q: Which social workers are accountable to the NASW Code of Ethics?

A: Most social workers are held accountable to the NASW Code of Ethics, including NASW
members, licensed social workers, employed social workers, and students.

Q: Do these changes affect social workers who aren't members of NASW?

A: Yes. The NASW Code of Ethics sets forth the values, principles, and standards that guide the
profession as a whole, not just NASW members.

Q: Who was responsible for revising the NASW Code of Ethics?

A: An NASW Code of Ethics Review Task Force was appointed by the NASW President and approved by the
NASW Board of Directors.

Q: How am I held accountable if I do not implement these changes by the effective date?

A: If you are a member of NASW, you may be held accountable through the NASW Office of Ethics
and Professional Review process, if someone files an ethics complaint against you. You may also
be held accountable by a state licensing board if a licensing board complaint is filed against you.
Furthermore, you may be held accountable by your employer or your university, which may
take disciplinary actions for not implementing the changes. Finally, you may be held
accountable through a court of law that looks to the NASW Code of Ethics to establish the
standard for professional ethical social work practice.

Not asked: Will this be on the test? Answer: Count on it. Perhaps not right away--the ASWB exam-writing process can be a slow one.  We'll stay tuned and relay information as we hear it.

Don't worry! The bedrock principles of the Code are not going to change. You already know the essentials of social work ethics as they apply to the exam. It's just a question of putting them into practice.

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