Wilma Passed the Texas LCSW: “I Am So Happy.”

Wilma's - LCSW selfie #1Wilma, with 25 years in the field, now has her Texas LCSW.

I passed my LCSW today and I am so happy. Thank you SWTP for all of your support and sticking with me until completion. The practice questions were designed closely with ASWB and I was able to follow right along with the ASWB actual exam.

Congratulations, Wilma!

Ready to join Wilma as a proud pass-sheet holder? The best way we know to prepare for the exam is practice. Practice tests give you experience with exam content and exam process. Learn what it's like to sit for the real thing. How your attention ebbs and flows. How you second-guess yourself. How missing a word by reading too fast throws you off. No one can tell you just what you'll encounter when you sit for the ASWB exam. But you can get a good idea about it with practice, practice, practice.

We've got five full-length social work licensing exam practice tests (plus Ethics and DSM boosters) ready to go for you. There are thorough rationales for each answer of each question to help you learn not only the correct answer, but definitions and information contained in the incorrect answer.

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ASWB Exam Practice: Client with COVID

maskedHere's a timely practice question.

A clinic social worker is seeing a client remotely who has recently tested positive for COVID-19 after experiencing respiratory symptoms, which are ongoing. He is still is working in a job that involves many other people. "But it's fine, I wear my mask and I'm almost always more than six feet apart from other people," the client explains. He says he will lose his income if he stops working. What is the social worker's obligation with regards to public health?

A. Report the client to the local health department.

B. Refer the client to the clinic's medical director.

C. Make sure the client is always staying six feet apart from others.

D. Review CDC guidelines for those infected with COVID-19 with the client.

Have you encountered anything like this yet? How did you respond? How would you respond? Which of the offered answers would you select on the social work licensing exam?

Let's take them one at a time:

A. Report to the health department. While the client may be endangering others, there is no duty to warn as there might be (in some states) for a client planning a violent crime. Sharing the client's diagnosis would be a breach of confidentiality.

B. Report to the clinic's medical director. This may not break the client's agreement with the clinic regarding confidentiality, it is that the best step to take regarding public health. The social worker should be able to address the issue directly. It may be helpful for the client to talk to the medical director, but there are interventions the social worker can be trying right away to help the situation.

C. Unless the social worker is going to work with the client and running interference, this is not practical.

D. The client is apparently ignoring CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19 infection. Reviewing those standards is a good first step. Referral to the clinic's MD could work to further encourage public-safety-minded adherence.

So there you have it. Can't break confidentiality, but have to do something.  That leaves referring or discussing. Like in many situations, the social worker should discuss (D, that is).


Do you have pandemic-related vignettes you'd like to see in this space as social work exam practice? Write us.

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Stay safe and good luck with the exam!

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Social Work Exam Practice: Family Systems

family system connected or enmeshedSome free social work licensing exam practice:

A family meets with a social worker following a teenage daughter's breakup with her boyfriend. The mother states that she really liked the boy and has felt very depressed since the breakup. The father has tried to contact the boy in hopes of repairing the relationship. According to a family systems theory-based approach, what is MOST LIKELY happening in this family?

A. The family has connected relationships.

B. It is an enmeshed family system.

C. It is a disengaged family system.

D. It is a separated family system.

What's your answer?

Do you know this material? If not, how do you get to a best, educated guess? Sometimes, common sense is your best guide. Common sense and some simple psych vocabulary.

In the vignette, the mother is depressed by the breakup. The father is meddling. The parents are pretty clearly overreaching. So what answer does that sound like?

Let's take the offerings one at a time:

A. Connected. A connected family enjoys time together but also have separate friendships and interests. This family appears too involved in one another's business to be truly connected.

B. Enmeshed. The mother's depression following the breakup, and the father's attempt to repair the relationship, are signs that this family is enmeshed. Mark this one as a good possibility.

C. Disengaged. Disengaged families have very little emotional connection, usually don't spend much time together, and aren't impacted by one another's activities. Not it.

D. Separated family systems don't have a lot of shared connections, though they do have a few activities they enjoy doing together. Again, not it.

So you have your answer. Enmeshed families do not respect one another's boundaries. They tend to focus on everyone else's business rather than self-care. The lack of privacy in enmeshed families often leads to conflict.

You might have narrowed this down to connected vs. enmeshed. If you'd never heard of the enmeshment, you might have been tempted to pick connected. But the word has probably entered your world at some point. If not, you know it now. You're ready for a question like this on the AWSB exam.

To get really ready, practice with SWTP's complete 170-question exams. There are thorough rationales, plus suggested study links, for every answer of every question. Sign up to get started.

Good luck on the exam!

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Social Workers, Social Justice Advocates

nyt bestsellersThe killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless others are rooted in these social ills and reflect profound failings on the part of institutions that are supposed to protect and keep us all safe. These tragedies are linked to a legacy of racialized violence in the United States that continues to plague Black people and Black communities.

As social workers committed to social justice and the dignity and worth of all of humanity, we recognize the pain, suffering, and outrage resulting from a long history of racism, oppression, and discrimination in this country. Social workers and other professionals across the nation are needed to address the inadequacies of our social systems in combating racism…As social workers, our professional ethical mandate includes being actively opposed to racism in all its forms-individual, interpersonal, institutional, and structural.

That's from recent statement from the NASW National Committee on Race, Ethnicity, and Diversity. It's echoes what you've already read in the NASW Code of Ethics (see 6.04 Social and Political Action). Social workers are expected not to be impartial observers of societal ills, but to be active participants in remedying those ills.

Every social worker has a different approach to putting these principles to work. If you're unsure how to get rolling, ask another social worker (or write us!).

This isn't new material for social work students and professionals. What is new is how widely it's all being discussed and called out. Just look at the current New York Times bestseller lists. Just look at the ongoing and growing protests all over the country and the globe. Change is coming. Social workers can and should help it along.

Will this be on the test? This is the test!

Nikkie Passed the New Mexico Clinical Exam

nikkie passed the new mexico lcsw examNikkie's a new New Mexico Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She writes with this encouragement:

SWTP not only helped me to pass my LMSW 3 years ago, but my LCSW a month ago.  The support and technical assistance went above and beyond.  And, extensions due to COVID also helped me to stay ready.  Believe in can do it!

Congratulations, Nikkie!

She's right, you can do it. People pass the ASWB exam every day. To make sure your testing center trip ends with a PASS sheet, put our practice tests to work. Each includes thorough rationales for each answer of every 170 questions. Sign up to get started.

Good luck on the exam!

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