Collins passed the ASWB Clinical Exam in North Carolina

collins passed the north carolina clinical examNC has a newly licensed social worker!

I successfully completed the program and just PASSED my ASWB Clinical Exam! Thank you for everything!

Congratulations, Collins!

Get ready for your close-up by thoroughly preparing for the exam using any/all of SWTP's practice tests offerings: five complete, 170-question exams and two booster tests (one all DSM questions, one all ethics questions).

Realistic exam practice gets you familiarity with both exam content and with what it's like to sit for a high-pressure, four-hour test.

The ASWB exam is used throughout the U.S. and in Canada. Wherever you are doubtlessly needs more licensed social workers. Get started in joining Collins by signing up.

Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

Social Work / Social Justice

social work, social justice - ashleyOnly a handful of you have taken advantage of our 50% coupon offer. Ashley is one-she's registering new voters and protesting for better treatment of home care workers during the pandemic. Here's the picture she sent. Thank you, Ashley!

Here's the offer: Get active this election, let us know about it (send a picture if you've got one) and we'll send you a personalized coupon code that will save you 50% on SWTP practice. 

Why? Because social and political action are an essential part of social work. Here's the NASW Code of Ethics on the subject:

6.04 Social and Political Action

(a) Social workers should engage in social and political action that seeks to ensure that all people have equal access to the resources, employment, services, and opportunities they require to meet their basic human needs and to develop fully. Social workers should be aware of the impact of the political arena on practice and should advocate for changes in policy and legislation to improve social conditions in order to meet basic human needs and promote social justice.

(b) Social workers should act to expand choice and opportunity for all people, with special regard for vulnerable, disadvantaged, oppressed, and exploited people and groups.

(c) Social workers should promote conditions that encourage respect for cultural and social diversity within the United States and globally. Social workers should promote policies and practices that demonstrate respect for difference, support the expansion of cultural knowledge and resources, advocate for programs and institutions that demonstrate cultural competence, and promote policies that safeguard the rights of and confirm equity and social justice for all people.

(d) Social workers should act to prevent and eliminate domination of, exploitation of, and discrimination against any person, group, or class on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, marital status, political belief, religion, immigration status, or mental or physical ability.

Thanks in advance!

Aaron Passed the Social Work Exam - “SWTP materials were instrumental to my success.”

passed the aswb examSWTP, I took my test…and I passed!  Thank you so much.  The SWTP materials were instrumental to my success on the test. - Aaron, newly licensed social worker.

Congratulations, Aaron!

These are tricky times. Having to prepare for the ASWB exam on top if it all is a lot to ask of yourself. Our aim is to make it as simple as possible for you. We've got practice tests, reasonably priced, and chock full of information to help you get ready. Taking practice tests at SWTP, you simultaneously learn crucial exam content based upon the ASWB exam outline and exam-writer direct experience and learn the exam-taking process: what it's like to sit for the four-hour, 170-question exam; how your focus ebbs and flows; when you need to take a break; when you need to push through; how changing answers works or doesn't work for you.

That's a lot to know. But it's a big exam, and an important one. If it weren't, you'd be putting it off for another, less tricky time.

So, here's to you. Wishing you all the best as you prepare for and PASS the exam. Let us know how it goes.

Good luck!

Meet the Tutor: Amanda Walker, LICSW

amanda walker licswGet help passing the exam. Tutor Amanda Walker, LICSW will walk you through the process. Some background:

Amanda graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's degree in Developmental Psychology from Emmanuel College with Distinction in the Field in 1998.  In 1999 she began her work in child protection for the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, where she continues to work in the Special Investigations Unit.  In 2005 Amanda graduated from Boston University with her MSW degree.  Amanda has spent her career training new social workers and supervising student interns.  She has also been adjunct faculty in the Behavioral Sciences Department at Fitchburg State University since 2013.  During her 20+ year career in social work, Amanda has passed three levels of the ASWB exams- LSWA, LCSW, and LICSW. 

As a trainer for the DCF Child Welfare Institute as well as a faculty member at FSU, Amanda employs numerous modalities to help students succeed with learning material and applying it to their social work practice. She enjoys meeting with students in both one to one sessions as well as small groups to practice exam-taking strategies.  When not engaged in social work practice, she enjoys being a hockey mom to her adolescent sons. 

If you'd like to set up an appointment with Amanda for ASWB exam tutoring, write us and we'll put you in touch. (Tutoring fees are separate from exam purchase cost.)

Happy studying and good luck on the exam.!

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“I passed the MSW Clinical test…Such a relief.”

shanghaiI just wanted to thank you for the practice tests, which were very helpful. I passed the MSW Clinical test.  I had to take it in China, where I live, in the virus time, and I was still pleased to find out I passed right away.  Such a relief.

Many thanks. I appreciated the full-length practice tests the most.

-- Jennifer

Congratulations, Jennifer! Great to hear. Not sure how it worked, taking the test in China, but glad that it did.

Ready to pass the ASWB exam? Social Work Test Prep practice tests are designed to help make that happen. There are five complete, 170-question exams and two boosters (one all DSM, one all ethics) available to help that dream you've had of passing the social work licensing exam come true. Sign up to get started. We'll be waiting for  your good-news email.

Happy studying and good luck with the exam!

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