"Passed on my first try."

A nice review via Facebook:

I had a great experience prepping for my LICSW with this service. I did my LCSW preparation on my own and had no idea how to focus my studying. This time I decided to throw money at the problem and it was definitely worth it (if you have the money to throw). It gave me a way to orient myself to studying, in the very brief windows I could as a full time social worker with a young child. I had a couple of oh sh++ moments, and texted the help line to get prompt and reassuring guidance about using the system and what to expect. Passed on my first try.

Thanks, Anna, and congratulations!

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LCSW Law & Ethics (LCLE)

bear New info below from the BBS re the California L&E exam (which they've started calling the LCLE). For details about our LCLE practice test go here or sign up to get started. Outside of California, no need to be bothered with this. Skip straight ahead to the ASWB exam.

The Board of Behavioral Sciences and Office of Professional Examination Services, have concluded analyses for the following exams:

LCSW Law & Ethics (LCLE) - Passing score: 34
LMFT Law & Ethics (LMLE) - Passing score: 34

The LMFT Clinical Exam (LMCE) remains under analysis, however.

LCLE and LMLE scores will now be received by candidates, at the exam sites. Those who took these exams April 1 through May 16, 2016, will receive score reports in the mail, from PSI.  Please allow two weeks for mailing.

Candidates who do not receive a score report by May 30, should email, using "Score Report" and exam type in the subject line, with BBS File ID and name information in the message body.

The Board appreciate everyone's continued patience, as the final touches of exam restructure are put into action, as required by law.

"I still can't believe I'm licensed!"

Some new testimonials via email and Facebook :


A friend advised me to sign up for social work test prep after studying. I purchased three tests and was glad I did. I passed the test on my first try.



I am so thankful to have come across these practice exams. I invested a lot of money into other products and did not pass the first time around. This site offered affordable exams which helped me pass this past week. Thank you Will for your time and effort! PS, I referred the site to my friend who also bought all the tests... and passed today!



You guys made it so easy to practice & learn what we really needed to know for both exams. I still can't believe I'm licensed! Thank you!



Congratulations, Adrienne, Desirea, Eileen, and all recently licensed social workers!

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Name that Anxiety Disorder

worry at sunsetWe're coming near the end of anxiety disorders to include in these blog questions. If you've been following along from the start, you may be able to get this one by process of elimination. What's left?

Instead of putting the name of the disorder in the title and listing out criteria up top, let's leave some mystery here--especially helpful for folks who find the blog before question-only social media post. (If you're not already following SWTP on Facebook, do!)

A question about this anxiety disorder might look something like this:

A client who has sought help for persistent depressive disorder has recently been experiencing episodes of severe anxiety for the first time in her life. She reports "awful" periods of increased heart rate, "terrified" sweating, and shortness of breath, among other symptoms. "It all comes out of nowhere," she says. The client says her sadness has lessened recently, which she credits in part to "the Wellbutrin kicking in." She hypothesizes that either the depression was masking her anxiety or that revisiting childhood memories in therapy has been having an unwanted negative effect. What is the BEST way to diagnose the client's anxiety symptoms according to DSM-5?

A) Unspecified Anxiety Disorder

B) Substance/Medication-Induced Anxiety Disorder

C) Panic Disorder

D) Persistent Depressive Disorder with Anxious Distress

What do you say?

First of all, the client is nicely psychologically minded. Those are good, psychodynamic hypotheses! But they're not in the answer choices.

Let's narrow down. Persistent depressive disorder with anxious distress? Maybe. But take a look at the "with anxious distress" specifier in the DSM. These are the symptoms:

1. Feeling keyed up or tense

2. Feeling unusually restless

3. Difficulty concentrating because of worry

4. Fear that something awful may happen

5. Feeling that the individual might lose control of himself or herself

Two of these are required "during a majority of days" to tack the specifier onto MDD or persistent depressive disorder. But what the client in the question describes isn't these. It isn't anxious distress, it sounds more like panic. We move on.

Unspecified anxiety disorder is used when the full criteria for another diagnosis aren't met. Also not the case.

So what about panic disorder? Panic is what the client appears to be experiencing. However--and this is a big however--there's something that's very likely triggering the recent panic attacks, the recent start of Wellbutrin. Wellbutrin can exacerbate anxiety symptoms for some. Lots of medications can do that (as, of course, can alcohol and many narcotics). But whether or not you knew that about this medication, you might've noted the mention of the medication in the stem of the item. As a general rule, there's little to nothing included in a question that doesn't hint in some way at the correct answer. The prescription may have helped the client escape dysthymia, but it seems to have brought on panic symptoms. While there's too little information here to make the diagnosis definitive, the best of these answer choices--the one to rule out first--is B) Substance/Medication-Induced Anxiety Disorder.

Make sense? Great!

For reading about the diagnosis try:

For some specifics re Wellbutrin and anxiety:

And for more practice questions about anxiety disorders and a wide range of other material, try our free practice test and sign up for SWTP.

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Exam Prep on the Go

drive and study"I passed the clinical exam on March 9th. SWTP was very helpful, as I was able to easily study while traveling without having to bring a bunch of books and notes. My boyfriend read questions to me from my iPhone while I drove! I also really appreciated the rationale and links for further study. I will recommend SWTP to others planning to take the exam!"

Congratulations, Kelsey, and all recently licensed social workers!

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