Free Social Work Exam Practice: Vaxxed and Positive

covid testHere's a new, free practice question to help you get ready to pass the ASWB exam. See how you do.

A social worker tests positive for COVID-19, though she has been vaccinated and has no symptoms. According to the CDC, what should the social worker do FIRST?

A. Notify close contacts about the diagnosis.

B. Contact the local health department about the diagnosis.

C. Self-quarantine at home for 10 days.

D. Mask and maintain social distancing for 10 days.

What's your answer?

This is a COVID question, yes. But more simply, it's a FIRST question. The FIRST is there for a reason. Let's take the answers one by one and see how the FIRST plays its part.

A. Notify close contacts. A good idea and a strong contender for correct answer. But before choosing it, let's look at the other choices…

B. Contact the local health department. This is generally left to medical providers. And isn't a top-level health and safety securer. Since it's not as good an answer as A, seems okay to strike it and move on…

C.  Self-quarantine. Also a strong answer. Looks like there's maybe going to be a showdown. One more to go…

D. Mask and maintain social distancing. This does not adhere to CDC recommendations. Bad answer. Scratch it.

It is a showdown, as anticipated: Notify Close Contacts vs. Quarantine. Both are recommended by the CDC (see " What To Do If You Have COVID-19"). But one of them potentially leaves the social worker out and about, shedding and spreading the virus. You can contact people from anywhere--from work, the mall, etc. The first order of business--FIRST, that is--is to go home and avoid others. Pretty simple, once you think it through. You may have been distracted by the social worker's being vaxxed and having no symptoms. Neither matters when it comes to protocols following a positive test.

Sometimes you don't have to know anything about a topic to get the right answer. You can just apply common sense. That's more-or-less the case here.

Looking for more on the topic? CDC guidance on COVID-19 lives here.

Stay safe, happy studying, and good luck with the exam!

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Passed the Social Work Exam!

happy social workerFrom the recent SWTP inbox:

I passed! I bought all of the exams and boosters studied them for 4 months. It was a success my first try! I got my LICSW in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Thank you for helping me out!


Passed!!! And licensure complete. Thanks!


I passed my advanced clinical social work licensure exam, thanks in large part to the practice tests I bought through your website. Thank you!


Congratulations, Kim, Melanie, and Alexa! And congratulations to all recent exam passers! Great news-great to hear!

If you're still preparing for the exam, do like they did and put SWTP practice tests to work for you. Learn the exam-taking process and crucial ASWB exam content as you go. The world needs more licensed social workers. The social work exam is a irksome hurdle for most, but it's doable. All you need is your social work know-how, some common sense, and a good idea about what to expect on exam day. For that last part, there's nothing that prepares you like realistic practice.

Sign up now to get started and you'll receive our free social work licensing exam study guide.

And when you pass, let us know! And maybe send a pass-sheet selfie. (Stock photos are nice, but you're better!)

Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

Free Social Work Exam Practice Question: Vaccine Hesitancy

face maskLet's look to the headlines again as a source of a free social work exam practice question. The ASWB exam will generally avoid fleeting topical questions, but the underlying issues here are exactly like what you'll encounter on the real exam. Really, just about any conflict you encounter at work--or in life--might be shaped into a social work exam question. "A client reports a difficulty with…" [insert your conflict details here] "...What is the BEST way for the social worker to respond?" Right? Something like this:

A social worker in a community clinic has a client who is worried he will get fired from his job because he refuses to get the COVID-19 vaccine. The client says he doesn't trust the vaccine because "it's too experimental." He also refuses to wear a mask and says that "people look at me funny" when he goes shopping maskless. How should the social worker FIRST respond?

A. Explore the client's possible projection regarding the vaccine and the funny looks he reports receiving.

B. Discuss the possibility of job loss due to vaccine hesitancy.

C. Discuss the health risks involved in foregoing the COVID-19 vaccine.

D. Explore the client's understanding of the science behind the COVID-19 vaccine.

How would you answer?

One way to get to the correct answer, ask yourself  "How would I respond in this situation?" Then add, "What would a 100% by-the-book social worker do in this situation?" Where the two overlap is usually your best answer.

You might be inclined to call in a nurse to administer a vaccine on the spot (not an offered answer). But that wouldn't be by-the-book--pushing the vaccine on a client doesn't respect client self-determination. Or you might be inclined to agree with the client about the danger of the vaccine. That wouldn't be by-the-book either (and it's also not an offered answer here)--social workers aren't doctors and shouldn't be giving medical advice (especially advice that directly contradicts medical professionals).

Let's look at the answers that are offered:

First, explore projection. Is the client imagining persecution at work and elsewhere due to his vaccine hesitancy? Maybe. It's an interesting avenue, but not the all-caps FIRST priority.

Second, discuss possible job loss. That's more pressing, for sure--let's put a pin in that one.

Third, discuss health risks. Also a good answer. Let's set this one aside too.

Fourth, explore the client's rationale for his vaccine hesitancy. Also an interesting conversation to have, and a tempting answer. You might argue that discussing the science will get you to the health risk and job loss issues. Maybe it will, but then again, maybe it won't. Surely, job loss and health risks are the top priorities here.

But which one is the very top priority? Which one--job loss or health risk--is the most essential to address right away? Answer: health risk. The COVID-19 pandemic has been many things, but primarily it's been a public health problem. If the client gets sick, he won't be able to work. The reverse isn't true. Health comes first.

Does the client understand health risks associated with COVID-19? Maybe he believes he can't get the virus. Or maybe he believes with Q-Anon that the pandemic is a manufactured fiction. That'd be important to know. Does he understand the efficacy of the vaccine? With these questions answered, then the social worker can get the client to expand on his "too experimental" fears. Again, health comes first.

Health and safety always come first. That's true in life and it's especially true on the exam. Everything else can be addressed later. That understanding gets you right to the correct answer. Another good way to get to the correct answer: look back at the question. What essentially is it about? The client's emotional state? Employment? Possible paranoia? Those are all there, but it's really the COVID vaccine that's at the heart of the question. The vaccine is medical. The answer (re health risks) is medical. If you're BEST/FIRST answer on the ASWB exam doesn't sync up with what's essential about the question, you need to have a good reason you're straying from the core quality of the question stem.

Got it? Great! Now you're even more ready to go pass the ASWB exam.

To get really ready, check out SWTP's complete 170-question licensing exam practice tests (plus the two booster). There's nothing like realistic practice to get you prepared for the real thing. Get started (and receive our free study guide) by signing up now.

Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

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Deborah Passed the Clinical Exam in Illinois

deborah passed the clinical social work exam in illinois From our DMs:

Just wanted to let you know I passed the ASWB last Friday! :)  Such a relief ---- especially since I finished my Masters TWENTY YEARS AGO in 2001!!

What helped, she says, was practice questions--tons of 'em. She didn't let a two-decade gap since getting her degree phase her. She ran practice questions, knew what to expect when she sat down for the ASWB exam, and got the job done.

Great site -- and also appreciated the free extension!

Glad to have helped! Congratulations, Deborah! Congratulations to all recently licensed social workers. Way to go!

If you're looking to get licensed, get started right now. Create an account and get our free study guide...and you'll be underway. Look forward to hearing from you with your good news soon.

Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

Pass the Florida Social Work Exam

tamara passed the florida social work examTamara passed the ASWB exam in Florida and you can too! She wrote to tell us later. Did she have a pass-sheet picture, we asked. Her answer, alongside a sobbing emoji: "I didn't even take a picture but I will. I was too busy crying." Then she took this. Proud, happy, licensed.

The exam is national, so wherever you are-US or Canada-use SWTP practice to get ready. Familiarize yourself with exam contact and exam process. How's your stamina for a long exam sit? How long does it take you to answer questions on average? Can you get to all 170 in the four hours allotted? Are you going to need to a snack break?

There's nothing like realistic practice to get you prepared for the real thing. Arrive at exam day with confidence knowing you can Just Do It.

Sign up with SWTP to receive our free study guide-including another handful of free practice questions. You'll be glad you did.

Happy studying. Don't forget to send in a selfie once you pass. Good luck!

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