Stacey Passed the ASWB Masters Exam

stacey passed the aswb masters exam in alabamaStacey passed the ASWB Masters exam in Alabama, and here's the proof.

Congratulations, Stacey! Congratulations to all recent ASWB exam passers. Way to go!

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Celebrating Newly Licensed Social Workers

social work exam passing 2020While 2020 was chock full of bad times, there was still plenty of good news worth hanging onto and celebrating. For example: lots and lots of social workers passed the ASWB exam in 2020 and got licensed and enjoyed everything that follows that. Raises, promotions, and, most simply, pride and relief.

The picture shows just a handful of those who passed the licensing exam in 2020 using SWTP. Check out the success stories tag on the blog to see more. Many, many others passed without sending in their story. A big wave of good news.

Hope you'll send in your story when the time comes.  An admiring "I want what she's got" is a powerful motivator for others. Seeing people who have successfully walked the path you're setting out on makes each step that much easier.

Here's hoping that your path in 2021 is as smooth as possible. And, as you're prepping for the social work exam, hoping you'll lean on SWTP to help. In five exams and two boosters, we've got 900+ questions, each with thorough rationales and suggested study links, all designed to help you arrive at your exam day with calm and confidence.

Thanks and best wishes for everything you're doing. Congratulations to everyone who has already passed the test. And, for everyone else, good luck!

The Year I Get Licensed

this year i get licensed 2021What's your plan for 2021? How about making this the year you pass the social work licensing exam?

People have been waiting eagerly for 2020 to make its exit. That has finally happened.

Ready to get serious about passing the ASWB exam? We're here for you, day and night, week after week, month after month-and we'll stick with till you pass.

Ready for it?

Let's go.

Free Social Work Exam Practice: School Social Work

school busGetting ready to get licensed? Here's a free practice question to give you a sense of what you might encounter on the ASWB exam:

A school social worker contacts a parent to set up a meeting after a child is referred by the principal because of frequent absences. The parent asks the social worker how much information will be shared with the school principal. How should the social worker respond FIRST?   

A. Tell the parent that since the social worker is a school employee, all information can be shared with other school staff.  

B. Explain that no information will ever be shared unless there is a release of information or it involves abuse or neglect.  

C. Discuss specific guidelines that have been developed with the school regarding confidential information policies.

D. Request the mother sign a release of information that will allow information to be shared freely with the principal.   

How would you answer?

Let's take the responses one at a time.

A. Info automatically shared. Not it. Social workers should not share all information with school staff, except in the unlikely instance that sharing information is a specific policy developed by the social worker and the school.

B. No info shared. Also not correct. In addition to mandated reporting, there may be times that some information will be released. This should be outlined in the social worker's policy.

C. Discuss policies. Could be it. The social worker should have a policy in place regarding confidentiality, and this should be shared with the parent.

One more to consider.

D. Get a release signed. Yes, but the question asked for what should be done FIRST. Before being asked to sign a release, the mother should be given more information about confidentiality and the pros and cons of signing a release.

To sum: School social workers need to develop specific policies regarding confidentiality and sharing information. These policies should be developed in conjunction with the school. Students and their parents should be made aware of these policies, which is the best first step in the process described in this question.

Worth repeating and remembering that if the question includes FIRST, BEST, NEXT, there's usually a reason for it being there. Those big capital letters generally signal the need for a little extra attention when choosing between two decent-seeming responses.

How'd you do?

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Get practice, get licensed. Good luck!

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Congratulations, All! SWTP “Instrumental in My Success.”

passed the examFrom the SWTP inbox, lots of good exam news:

I passed! The exams were amazing and very much like the test. - Jill

I passed! Thank you! - Sara

I took the test a few weeks ago and passed on the first try!  The practice tests with explanations were instrumental in my success.  I have recommended your website to many of my friends. - Nora

I passed!!! - Katie

I passed my LCSW exam! - Helen

I took the exam yesterday...and I passed!!! - June

Congratulations, Jill, Helen, Sara, Nora, Katie, June, and all recently licensed social workers!

"Very much like the test"…"Instrumental in my success." Love to hear it!

You're next.

Sign up to get access to SWTP's free study guide. From there, try any/all of our 900+ practice questions (five complete exams and two boosters). Realistic practice is the best way to get ready to pass the ASWB exam. The world needs more licensed social workers. We're here to help you become one.

Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

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